Changing Attitude Kenya sends all Kenyan bishops the LGBTI Empowerment Seminar Report

On Monday we carried Rev Michael Kimindu’s report of the LGBTI Empowerment Seminar held in Mombasa on Saturday 11 August. The Rt Revd Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa, accepted an invitation to attend the seminar and meet for the first time 20 LGBTI Kenyan Christians. The seminar was organized as a result of media reports that had implicated the Bishop as having said in a sermon that homosexuals were worse than Al-Shabaab, an Islamic Terrorist group.

In a comment on the blog Omar Kuddu noted the bishop’s apparently remarkable turn round from his statements of Sunday 22 July 2012 when he was reported as saying he  “exercised his constitutional freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion” [under articles 32 and 33] and warned Christians to be wary of the ‘gay threat’ to their faith and compared homosexuals with terrorists by stating that homosexuality is a greater threat to Christians than the recent church targeted terrorist attacks.

Michael Kimindu has now emailed report to the Archbishop of Kenya, the Most Revd Dr Eliud Wabukala, copied to all Kenyan bishops. Changing Attitude Kenya is engaging with the Anglican Church of Kenya in ways that are creative and educational for the Church and helps the bishops become aware of the presence of LGBTI people in the AKC, of the Listening Process to which the Church is committed, and of the reality that at least some Kenyan bishops understand the need to be more open, aware and sensitive.

In his covering email, Michael writes:

Dear Your Grace,

As you know the Right Reverend Julius Kalu is a member of the “Listening Process”. You are also aware that recently in a sermon he was reported as having said that Homosexuals were worse that Al Shabaab.

The forwarded report is the outcome of a meeting between him and representatives of Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual Transgender and Intersex people of faith held on 11th August,2012 in Mombasa.

We in the Ministry to LGBTI People are pleased with the contribution Bishop Kalu is making in the listening process and request that ACK becomes sensitive to LGBTI Anglicans.

Please receive this report with a pastoral and intellectual heart.

Michael N.Kimindu (Rev.)
Coordinator, Changing Attitude-Kenya
President, Other Sheep Africa

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