Changing Attitude Kenya meets with the Bishop of Mombasa as Kenya celebrates freedom on Mashujaa Day

Fred Odinga, secretary of the Changing Attitude Kenya committee, has written about the beginning of a momentous day for the group:

“Hi to everyone. It is another morning and it’s my hope that everyone had a good and drama free night. The Changing Attitude team is in Momabsa county, Mtwapa town at the Prime Comfort and Hotel.

“Today we are scheduled to meet Bishop Kalu of Mombasa diocese in a bid to dialogue and create a strong network that would see the realization of universal acceptance and inclusion of LGBTI persons within the Anglican communion. Congratulations to everyone who has seen and always upheld a goodwill towards Changing Attitude’s success.

“To all our followers and friends, LGBTI activists across the world, and most particularly our beloved activists and LGBTI family in Kenya, our allies from various spheres of life and society – receive a great and lovely Mashujaa day from Changing Attitude Kenya.

“It is indeed great for us to mark this momentous day as activists and as minority persons within Kenya. The word ‘Mashujaa’ is a Swahili word meaning ‘Heroes’. On 20th October our beloved country marks heroes day to remember the freedom fighters who are recorded in the books of history. I am reminded and tempted to not only ask myself but all activists campaigning towards our universal acceptance and inclusion in various spheres from the religious sphere to various society spheres within Kenya and across the world: what will we as individuals be remembered for?  Shall we be remembered in the books of history in our various countries?

“It is a happy coincidence that as our country celebrates the lives of its freedom fighters which led to its independence, the Changing Attitude Kenyan Chapter marks a significant advancement at our meeting in Mtwapa with the Bishop of Mombasa and two of his colleagues from the diocese.

“We are bridging the gap between sexuality and Christianity through dialogue – towards acceptance and inclusion of Anglican sexual minority persons within their own Communion of the Anglican Church. In our hearts we celebrate and we are proud of various activists in Kenya – they are our heroes to be celebrated today.”


  1. Davis Mac-Iyalla says

    Fantastic, I hope there will be more reporting about Changing Attitude Nigeria too as they are reorganizing under a new leader.

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