Young Jamaican gay man beaten by security guards at U-Tech

Angeline Jackson reports that on the evening of 1st November  two young men were caught, alleged to have been having sex in a bathroom at the University of Technology (U-Tech), Jamaica. Apparently the two young men tried to escape, however one was caught and beaten by the campus security. Guards. From the video it seems he was taken into police custody. The other young man it seems managed to get away.

Angelina comments  that if they both were caught having sex, then though she does not agree with the charge of buggery, they placed themselves in difficult spot, by being in a public place and thus will not have the defense of invasion of privacy. If there was no intercourse and they both were caught in a compromising position then the closest charge could be public indecency, and if they are charged with that, then she argues that all heterosexual couples who are caught in compromising positions in public should also be charged.

Maurice Tomlinson posted a report on Facebook from Yvonne McCalla Sobers about the savage homophobic attack. She wrote:

“I had a quick response from UTECH about what the video showed of the beating of the young man by security guards in the presence of a mob. Here is my understanding of what I was told:

1. UTECH authorities will issue a statement on the matter today.

2. The security guards involved were removed from duty immediately and the company is instigating disciplinary action against them.

3. Other security guards had put their lives on the line to protect the young man from a mob of about 300 students.

4. The security guards beat the young man because they believed him to be a car thief (no attempt is made to justify this) but not because of his sexual orientation. The removal from duty would have taken place no matter the nature of the unprofessional behaviour.

5. The UTECH security services are committed to not presiding “over any environment where the laws of the land and common decency are ignored. The job and mandate here is to provide protection for ALL regardless of colour, creed or orientation and we will continue to do it to the best of our ability.”

UTECH has the chance to set an example of tolerance with no room for those who breach the rights of anyone, and with fairness to all concerned. We need to keep a close watch on this.”

A few days ago the St. James Ministers Fraternal joined with Pastor Conrad Pitkin of the Faith Temple Assemblies of God in Montego Bay, declaring total opposition to any consideration being given to repealing Jamaica’s existing buggery law. They stated: “The Bible is still our guidebook,” said Reverend Powell. “…so we stand on the principles of the Bible, and we will continue to stand on the principles of the Bible, and we will not surrender, and we will not bow to anything that the Bible is opposed to. The fight may not be easy, but it is necessary.”

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