Fifteen theological arguments for gay marriage

The UK Government has announcement that proposed legislation to permit same-sex marriage will include permission for churches and religious denominations to conduct same-sex weddings. Changing Attitude welcomes this important move towards full equality in marriage.

Opponents of equal marriage claim that it is unbiblical and against the church’s tradition because marriage is ‘the lifelong union of one man and one woman’. Changing Attitude disputes this claim.

Trustee Dr Keith Sharpe has put together ‘Fifteen Theological Arguments for Gay Marriage’ to show decisively that same-sex marriage is entirely consistent with Biblical teaching and Christian tradition. These are clear, concise and written in accessible language.

Read the paper here.

It is most important now that all supporters of same-sex marriage are familiar with these arguments in order to counteract the prejudiced religious propaganda of reactionary organisations inside and outside the churches. For further information please contact

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