Uganda Parliament to adjourn until 2013 without action on Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Warren Throckmorton reported yesterday that according to Parliament spokeswoman Helen Kawesa, the Ugandan Parliament will adjourn from 14 December 2012 until February 4, 2013. After considering the Accountants Bill, Parliament will begin a Christmas recess with the next scheduled sitting being in the new year. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill will not have a second reading until at least February of next year. Yesterday’s order paper listed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the section of Business to Follow but the item slipped to 7th place on the list of matters to be brought before Parliament next year.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga, has been defeated in her promise that Parliament would enact the anti-homosexuality law “as a Christmas gift” to Ugandans. Yet again, the evil forces of fundamentalist Christian prejudice have been thwarted.

Andrew Mwenda – “where is our honesty?”

Frank Mugisha, Executive Director of SMUG, Uganda, links to valuable sources of information on his Facebook thread. One is a remarkable article from The Observer, Uganda written by Andrew Mwenda, the former Leader of Opposition, 8th Parliament headlined ‘Anti-homosexuality bill, where is our honesty?’ 461w" sizes="(max-width: 248px) 100vw, 248px" /> Andrew Mwenda, former leader of the opposition

He said one must worry for the country looking at the vitriolic response of some Ugandans to the compassionate appeal by Archbishop Desmond Tutu reported in The Red Pepper, December 9, 2012 (Tutu urges Uganda to drop bid to jail homosexuals).

He said, “Rather than the bill being an objective and considered response to a national challenge, the process is now one of blind emotion and prejudice driven by fundamentalist Christians – with their Pharisaic claims of unblemished religious goodness and holier-than-thou attitude.

“More importantly, it has become a real national tragedy – of denial and hiding of our moral guilt; of hate campaign against unfortunate members of our society and of exposure of Parliament.

“The truth is that homosexuality is a social phenomenon that hinges on both a person’s genetic constitution and the social environment to which one is exposed, and is as old as humanity. Contrary to the lies peddled by defenders of the bill, homosexually-oriented people have always been part of our African society.

“In my Acholi community, they were never outrightly rejected but were instead quietly helped to cope. Even the story of Kabaka Mwanga and his martyrdom of Christians has a homosexuality twist to it.

“It must also be made clear that homosexuality is completely different from sexual abuse by perverted and mentally deranged men who sexually molest babies, lure and sexually abuse young girls and boys (the Mubiru way), rape fellow men, or even practise bestiality.

“Rather than the compassion, love and care in normal same sex relationships, theirs is abomination and heartache that no culture on earth tolerates.

“The Anti-homosexuality Bill is no more than a piece of hate legislation. We must stop deluding ourselves that the Anti-homosexuality bill is our God-approved contribution to the world’s fight against moral decay. Yes, Parliament can enact the anti-homosexuality law but it will not be a “Christmas gift” to this country.

“For, Jesus Christ who was born on Christmas day was a Christ of compassion and love, a sacrifice for sinners, and a Christ to heal and redeem but not condemn and sow hatred.”

Ugandan Prime Minister, Mbabazi, says no need for the bill

At a press conference on 12 December 2012 which you can view on Youtube, the Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, revealed that the government is not ready to proceed with the Bill because the penal code already provides for penalties against homosexuality – the law already exists.

Mbabazi also stressed that homosexuality is not a new thing in Uganda and that Ugandan cultures have always recognized gay people since certain names are given to people with such biological attractions. Mbabazi said any attempt to make a new Anti-homosexuality law would be a waste of time and added that the cabinet is going to set up a committee to discuss the matter.

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