Museveni preaches against homosexuality at Archbishop Ntagali’s enthronement in Uganda

The Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali was yesterday enthroned as the eighth Archbishop of the province of the Church of Uganda. Archbishop Ntagali was sworn-in and handed the Provincial staff at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe, taking over from retiring Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Museveni asked clerics to utilise the pulpits to guide young people and preach against evils such as HIV/Aids and homosexuality. “If there are some homosexuals, we shall not kill or persecute them but there should be no promotion of homosexuality. We cannot accept promotion of homosexuality as if it is a good thing,” Mr Museveni said amid applause. He urged leaders and the public to desist from promoting homosexuality and congratulated Christians and the Church upon rejecting messages about homosexuality. Museveni described priests from the USA and Europe as partners in the fight against the vice.

Archbishop Ntagali pledged to work towards reviving believers’ commitment to God as a way of helping the country fight the rampant evils such as defilement, homosexuality, child sacrifice and domestic violence.

The Daily Monitor reported that the President’s remarks come amid controversies and media reports of increasing cases of promotion of homosexuality, in protest against a new legislation in offing.

American preacher warns Ugandans not to succumb to pressure

David Dykes, an American evangelist, in an online interview has been urging Ugandans not to succumb to any pressures from some Western Countries to embrace homosexuality. He rails against threats from his own country to cut aid to Uganda “if homosexuality is not legalized.” It is blood money, it is sin money, he said. He claimed that leaders opposing gay marriage in North America have ended up in jail, and says a Canadian pastor was arrested. He warns that he may become liable to arrest in the USA under hate crime legislation if he says anything bad against homosexuality. During this time of crisis, conservative Christians hope to send money to Uganda to support the fight against the bill.


  1. Alan Birt says

    The ABp states, “… evils such as HIV/Aids and homosexuality” It is a well-known fact that the spread of Aids is mainly due to the indecent and sinful activities of homosexuals.

    Alan Birt

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