Christian group thrilled with parliamentary vote

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News Release – 6th February 2013

Christian group thrilled with parliamentary vote

Christians for Equal Marriage UK are thrilled that Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage, a vote which reflects the great support this move has throughout the country. It’s our hope and prayer now that those who have reacted negatively to the bill will begin to realise that their fears for the institution of marriage are not valid. After all, equal marriage has been the case in some Belgium for ten years now and nothing has changed. What political parties have to realise is that more people turn away from them because of prejudice and unfairness.

Nathan Hartley said;

“I know people who have even dropped their party membership due to the hostility of fellow party members and MPs to equal marriage. This is also true of the church where people hear judgementalism instead of the inclusive message of Jesus.”

While Christians for Equal Marriage UK congratulates all those who have waited so long to be married, we realise that the battle’s not over yet. Same sex couples are still not treated as equal by most churches and cannot get married in church, even ones where they and their families have attended for years. Many clergy wish to provide Blessing ceremonies for same sex couples as they have in the past, but are being prevented by church hierarchies who, as soon as this became a big public issue, sent out letters forbidding it. More of the damaging ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ attitude.

Tiggy Sagar added;

“Over the next couple of days, some MPs will seek to add amendments to the Same Sex Couple’s Marriage Bill. We just hope no one will add the amendment, ‘As long as they remain celibate’, as that’s what the Church of England has done!”


Notes to Editors:

Christians for Equal Marriage UK is based in Bath, Somerset. The core management team consists of Nathan Hartley, Tiggy Sagar and Josh Ditte. For details about them visit:

Christians for Equal Marriage UK believe;

– the right to marriage should be available to all couples, same-sex or opposite-sex, within and outside of the Church;

– the struggle for equal marriage is a matter of social justice;

– God’s love is vast, and is not limited to one particular sexuality or type/genre of people.

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