The Bishop of Barcester’s monthly letter for the January 2014 Diocesan magazine

Graham Smith from Lincoln who was once an ordinand in the Church of England, has drafted a letter from a Diocesan bishop to be published in the Diocese’s monthly letter following the passage of the Equal Marriage bill:

My dear friends,

Now that the joy of entering into a legal marriage has been extended to same-sex couples, it is my most sincere hope and prayer that all of you will join with me in supporting those clergy and lay couples currently living in faithful and loving civil partnerships who wish to marry.

To be truthful, I wish that all faithfully and lovingly partnered same-sex couples could be married in their local parish church.

I am therefore asking you to pray, along with me, that it will not be long before those of us who have been ordained to show the unconditional love of God through our words and actions will lawfully be able to preside at services of Holy Matrimony for those same-sex couples who wish to enter into lifelong, faithful and committed marriages.

At this time of momentous change, I would also ask your prayers for those who are still wedded to the post-Augustinian culture of male authority which denigrates the role of women and deplores those young people who would enter into lifelong committed relationships for any reason other than procreation.

May the love of God dwell richly in your hearts, bringing unconditional love and acceptance to all those you encounter. And may She grant you power to overcome any prejudices in your character.

+ Desmond Barcester


  1. Peter Harding says

    I’m fascinated how someone feels he has the right to promote lifelong faithful relationships when he’s just walked out on his wife of many years!

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