Changing Attitude Nigeria condemns the signing of the Anti-Gay Bill banning same sex marriage

On the 13th January 2014, the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan secretly signed a Bill banning same sex marriage and outlawing any organization that actively supports gay rights. This new law threatens fundamental human rights and freedom of association.

Changing  Attitude Nigeria strongly feels that this new law stands as injustice to the LGBT community and puts its members and members of their families at greater risk of being arrested and jailed for 14 years and 10 years for family members. We condemn this Bill and say that it is of no importance or need to the general public of Nigeria.

Note should be taken that Nigeria already criminalizes consensual same sex behavior and now this new law introduces numerous additional prohibitions including  the establishment of a 10 year prison term for any person  who registers, operates or participates in a gay organization.

The problem with this law is that it carried a lot of negative effects on not just the LGBT community, but also those who are related to gays and lesbian people in Nigeria. The law also makes it impossible for people to be their true selves which Changing Attitude Nigeria stands for and this law will increase injustice and discrimination for LGBT Christians who wants to worship God in their sexuality. This law will further make the work of bringing Christian LGBT people together by Changing Attitude Nigeria difficult.

Nigeria at this point in time does not need laws that will deprive people of their fundamental human rights. This law is unnecessary and it is coming at a time where it will affect the health of the nation, this law will not promote peace, unity and love, rather it will fuel more hate and increase crime in our country.

Nigeria should be looking at better things that will improve its country and alleviation of poverty and not further put innocent people into danger by the introduction of this outrageous law.

As we all know Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and by correlation also has the largest number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Changing Attitude Nigeria is committed to bring people to God and showing them God’s love to humankind and we condemn this law because it promote negativity, brings injustice and violence, and oppression to the minorities which our country Nigeria doesn’t need for progress.

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