Canon Jeremy Pemberton files employment tribunal claim

The following statement has been issued by the lawyers acting for Canon Jeremy Pemberton:

Statement regarding legal action taken by Jeremy Pemberton

“Canon Jeremy Pemberton, the first British clergyman to enter a same sex marriage, has confirmed that he has filed an Equality Act claim in the Employment Tribunal against the Archbishop of York and the acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham. The action is being brought because of the sanctions imposed upon him as a result of his marriage. Canon Pemberton married his long term partner Laurence Cunnington in April of this year. Shortly thereafter his permission to officiate was revoked and a licence for chaplaincy work was refused. This led to the withdrawal of a job offer from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Commenting on his decision to issue proceedings in respect of the alleged discrimination that he has suffered, Canon Pemberton said “I am deeply saddened that I have had to take this step against church authorities. However, I feel I have been left with little choice, having found myself being punished and discriminated against simply for exercising my right to marry. I will be making no further comment until these matters have been resolved through the court process.”

Among those assisting Canon Pemberton in his claim are Helen Trotter, a specialist employment and discrimination barrister from Kings Chambers and leading ecclesiastical lawyer, the Revd Justin Gau, from Pump Court Chambers.”

8th September 2014


  1. Sally says

    He was fully aware of what the consequences would be if he disregarded the advice of the Bishops. He is making a cynical attempt to force acceptance of ‘gay marriage’ on the church by the back door. I trust his motivation will be recognised and this case will be thrown out without more ado.

  2. Christopher Barton Parker says

    I am disgusted that the CoE has permitted this “incident” to escalate to these proceedings of a legal, yet hopefully, a civil wrangle. In exercising their democratic legal civil rights they have fallen victims of the same old, same old, religiosity of a bygone era that should indeed be very much by-gone. Not I sadly hear from the Traditionlists, the Evangelicals nor the Creationists who would still uphold those ghastly “values” that not only sorted to marginalize women ( in their place, in their kitchen-home) but also to stiffle the equalities of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex brothers & sisters who deserve to be heard and equally valued in our multi-cultural society. To question is to Grow. Embrace the wonderment of difference.

  3. George Waite says

    Typical freakshow-the Church of England wanted everything swept under the rug and get to remain Established; now its Establishment is coming under more and more scrutiny and it doesn’t like it at all.
    You can only have it both ways for so long before people get tired of it.

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