Vacancy: Voluntary Treasurer for Changing Attitude

Changing Attitude Treasurer – Job Description

Main tasks

To reconcile the bank accounts. The vast majority of transactions are regular donations which arrive in the current and Paypal accounts each month from donors who have set up standing orders. This is done fortnightly and it takes an hour or two, donations from new supporters, should be passed onto the keeper of the CA supporter’s database so they can update it.

Send off management accounts to the trustees in advance of the CA meetings, so they can see how we are doing financially. Provided the bank accounts have been reconciled, this just involves pressing the correct buttons on Quickbooks, which generates the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet for the required period. A few notes to the chairman are usually written explaining any major deviations from the figures for the same period last year. There are about 6 trustee meetings a year.

Gift Aid claim to HMRC is sent off on a quaterly basis. This is all done electronically and is quite quick because due to Carole setting up Quickbooks reports which produce the required information. It then needs to be input to the HMRC spreadsheet for submission. This takes a morning at most, 4 times a year.

Annually, the files and a download of Quickbooks have to go to our independent examiner, who prepares the statutory accounts for CA in addition to doing the independent examination. Also to passed on is the annual trustees report (written by CA’s chairman, though I write the paragraph on finances), as this forms part of the statutory accounts.

Ad hoc tasks include paying expenses electronically once a month and the occasional bill which may arise – usually not more than two or three in a month. Occasionally a cheque arrives which needs to be banked.

Skills needed

Our previous Treasurer Carole is a chartered accountant, however, anyone with basic bookkeeping skills would find the job quick and easy to do. Quickbooks is much easier to use than Sage. Carole would be very happy to help with advice and instruction as needed.

For more informtaion please contact Jeremy Timm,


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