The Church of England enters a new era – married gay clergy are the new reality

On Saturday 12 April 2014 Canon Jeremy Pemberton and Laurence Cunnington married. The Church of England now has its first married gay priest, the first of many who will follow his example in the weeks and months and years to come. Jeremy has confronted one diocesan bishop with a challenge, a bishop who is warmly […]

What do we believe? Which really means, what do I believe?

The unknown God we already know For some years I’ve been developing ideas that I’ve avoided writing about because I think they might be dangerous – dangerous to my reputation as a Christian priest and gay activist. I’ve finally reached a ‘what the heck’ moment when it seems appropriate to commit them to text and […]

The infinitely, unconditionally loving Father

There’s a lot of murmuring disapproval (Luke 15.2 REV) around at the moment. I murmur disapproval (perhaps something stronger) about bishops and about those Christians, straight and LGBTI, who themselves disapprove of gay marriage and of gay people who allow themselves sexual pleasure and intimacy. In turn they disapprove of me as a Christian priest […]

Encountering God on visiting churches in North Devon?


What do people see when they walk through the door of your church? I’m staying in North Devon for a few days and I’ve wandered in to a few local churches. In the past, my prime interest was in the architecture and history of the building. I have an instant reaction of pleasure or disappointment […]

Pastoral Guidelines the catalyst for dissent – and no witch hunts

The Pastoral Guidelines published by the House of Bishops are having totally unexpected consequences. Lesbian and gay clergy are going to marry and ignore the guidelines and there will be no witch hunts. Before the Guidelines were published partnered lesbian and gay clergy and lay people knew that come 29 March 2014 they would be […]

Toxic Christianity

This is a raw, unfinished blog, but I’m travelling to London again this morning to join the demonstration against the anti-same sex marriage law outside the Nigerian High Commission and staying for a meeting of the LGBTI Anglican Coalition tomorrow, and if I don’t write and post now, the heat of the moment will have […]

LGBTI Anglican Coalition members to discuss facilitated conversations at Lambeth Palace

Six members of the LGBTI Anglican Coalition who represent the spectrum of sexual and gender identities of the Coalition member organizations are attending a meeting at Lambeth Palace this afternoon to talk about the facilitated conversations. The conversations are a core element of the recommendations made in the ‘Pilling Report’ of the House of Bishops […]