Anxiety about the present and the future

I surfaced from sleep this morning in a panicky dream. I was travelling by train to Waterloo and we were rising ever higher over the main tracks at Raynes Park on a flyover that doesn’t exist. I was scared by the height the train had reached but worked out emotionally that the line must still […]

Homophobic bullying in church schools and demeaning language

The Bishop of Oxford, John Pritchard, chair of the Board of Education, replied to questions about homophobic bullying in school on Friday evening at Synod. I don’t do shorthand so I was only able to make brief notes of his replies, of the supplementary questions that were asked and of his further reply. Mrs Rosemary […]

York General Synod – same sex marriage and the common good

I’ve been at General Synod in York for nearly 24 hours and this is the first space I’ve created to retreat to my room, check emails and news and post a comment. I’ve been in conversation for almost every waking moment since I arrived, except for sitting in the public gallery for questions yesterday evening. […]

Linda Woodhead – why the wider liberal Anglican decline?

Linda Woodhead, Professor of Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University, delivered the Inclusive Church 2014 lecture at All Saints Pavement, York, yesterday evening. Linda recently made a notable contribution to the Church Times ‘Church Health Check’ series. Linda’s lecture was excellent and provoked and a really good hour of stimulating and engaging questions. Inclusive Church […]

Time to revise or withdraw the Pastoral Guidance on equal marriage

The office of the Archbishop of York is sending a pro-forma email response to people who have emailed him about the revocation of Jeremy Pemberton’s PTO. The Archbishop says the decision of the Acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham’s decision to withhold a licence in relation to an NHS Chaplaincy post in the Diocese, is […]

Teilhard de Chardin, the zest for life, and human flourishing

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

For the past two weeks my attention has been focused on writing a response to the Shared Conversations paper prepared for General Synod, to the legal status of lesbian and gay clergy who marry, and the temptations of taking part in a Channel 4 programme. All this activity intrudes on my need for reflective space, […]

The House of Bishops is creating its own crisis

Several conversations over the past few days plus the BBC R4 Sunday programme interview with Bishop Alan Wilson and Andrew Foreshew-Cain have shed a little light on the mess we LGBTI people in the Church of England are having to endure. It is clear that the House of Bishops painted themselves into a rather extraordinary […]

Miscommunication and Incompetence

David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester has corrected me in a comment on Thinking Anglicans: “Indeed I did know about the group and am grateful for its existence. “It is the suggestion of some sort of list that perplexes me. I wonder whether the word “monitoring” has been taken to imply that it is individuals […]

Bishops of Willesden and Manchester reveal truths about the “blacklist” that isn’t

The following bald statement appeared on the Church of England website on Tuesday: Statement in relation to weekend press reports 24 June 2014 “The recent press report that the Bishop of Norwich has been asked to keep a blacklist of clergy who marry same sex partners is untrue. The House of Bishops agreed in February […]