Gug worries about his safety, Red Pepper claims Swedish Group pours billions into gay Ugandan groups

Gug has sent me scans of an article printed today in Red Pepper, a tabloid daily newspaper which publishes mostly highly sensationalized stories. The paper was the one used previously to out people. Its owners have connections to the government (it is owned by President’s brother) and it is used by the government to break […]

Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo denies newspaper report of $20million grant

The Rt Revd Christopher Senyonjo (second from left in the photo above), President of Integrity Uganda and retired Anglican bishop of the diocese of West Buganda has emailed me denying the allegation reported in the Monitor newspaper that Integrity Uganda is one of the groups benefiting from a $20million grant to promote homosexuality. Bishop Christopher […]

Transcript of John Humphries’ interview with the Archbishop of York about the Uganda Bill

John Humphries interviewed the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, on the Today programme this morning about the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This is my transcript of what he said: “I think that the context in which this whole bill is coming, which is a private member’s bill not a Government Bill, it’s now going through […]

Conservative Christian desperation 2: In the UK

The Christian Institute The Christian Institute reports that Michael Foster MP, a Government equalities minister, when asked whether the Equality Bill would lead to legal action between churches and atheists, admitted that churches should be “lining up” lawyers to defend themselves against secular legal challenges. Both sides “need to be lining up (their lawyers) by […]

Conservative Christian desperation 1: In Uganda

The Daily Monitor in Uganda has a headline today about the reports that President Museveni has assured American authorities that he will veto Ndorwa West MP David Bahati’s proposed anti-gay law. The online newspaper DC Agenda reported on December 19 that Mr Museveni had assured the US State Department of his willingness to block the […]

The Archbishop of Wales’ statement about the Uganda Bill

The Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, a patron of Changing Attitude, has issued a statement, via his press office: “Whatever one’s standpoint on same sex relationships, the private members motion for an Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is unacceptable. It could lead to the legitimising of violence against gay and lesbian people which is totally against […]

What happens when Christians transition from the privileged to the equal and ordinary

‘Sapphire’, a writer living in Plymouth, has commented on the post ” Christian Institute claims Christians are being marginalised by equality and diversity laws” His comments deserve a wider viewing and therefore a blog of their own. He writes: The whole point of living in a society that is governed by rule of law is […]

Shepherding the sheep: Trans people’s right to protection

The Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, has made an interesting speech, during the Lords Second Reading of the Equality Bill, in which he rightly highlights how the widening gap between rich and poor in the UK represents a fundamental inequality that is hardly touched by the extensive provisions of the Bill. Well said, Bishop […]

Facing fears, campaigning for global justice

There is an element of fear on many sides in the reactions of groups and individuals to the final draft of the Anglican Covenant. Conservatives fear that the Covenant is toothless, that it won’t do what they require, it will not provide a solution to their demands that the Communion conform to their version of […]