Bishop Senyonjo

Bishop Senyonjo

The homophobia in Uganda has recently spilled over into an attempt to make homosexuality legally punishable by death – with imprisonment of anyone who attempts to shield a gay person. Although the law remains unpassed, it’s an index of the pervasive danger that gay people live with in the country.

Changing Attitude has been closely following the situation in Uganda for some time – you can read the backstory as recorded in our blogs and news here.

In early 2011 leaks of American Embassy cables revealed the perception of embassy officials that murderous anti-gay sentiment was being used to divert people from the economic state of the country:

“Bahati, Buturo, and particularly Ssempa’s ability to channel popular anger over Uganda’s socio-political failings into violent hatred of a previously unpopular but tolerated minority is chilling.”

At about the same time, the country’s most prominent gay rights activist, David Kato was murdered.  Although not the first murder of a gay Christian that Changing Attitude has recorded, it has brought international attention to the state of the country.

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