Changing Attitude England’s ultimate goal is the passage of legislation in General Synod that will make the full inclusion of LGBT people in the Church a reality.

With the fall out from the failure to agree terms for introducing women bishops in November 2012, the sense of urgency about resolving issues of inequality in the church has intensified. We are frequently in the media, and behind the scenes talking to bishops and politicians, and respond quickly to the changing politics as it arises.  But these are our long term goals:

Civil Partnerships and Equal Marriage
We are campaigning for the freedom to contract civil partnerships and bless lesbian and gay relationships in church and ultimately for marriage equality.  We would like to see the government pass legislation which allows the Church of England to opt into equal marriage.

Equal Marriage – Trans perspectives
When one person in a married couple transitions, they are obliged by law to get a divorce, even if they do not want one. Tina Beardsley explores the anomalies faced by many trans people.

We are campaigning for an end to the unjust discrimination against partnered LGBT people who are Readers or offer for Reader training.

LGBT minsters and clergy
We are campaigning for equality in the selection, training, ordination and preferment of LGBT clergy.

The appointment as bishop of those who are gay and/or in a civil partnership

We are campaigning for the removal of any barriers to nomination as bishop for those who are gay or in a civil partnership.

Read our June 2012 submission to the House of Bishops working group of LGBT issues, due to report in 2013.

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