Gay bishops


We are campaigning for the removal of any barriers to nomination as bishop for those who are gay or in a civil partnership.

Since 2004, this debate has centred around Dr Jeffrey John after he was asked to withdraw his acceptance of the post of Suffragan Bishop of Reading because he is in a long standing gay relationship.

In 2010 there was another flurry of leaks and debate while Dr John was being considered for the post of Bishop of Southwark.  A few months later, a memo was published which had been written by the Dean of Southwark Cathedral, the late Colin Slee, describing the recruitment process and criticising the Church. A document containing advice given to the Church about the effect of the Equality Act 2010 also became public knowledge.

You can read these documents here:

Advice received by Church House on the Equality Act 2010

Recollections by Colin Slee

Dr Rob Clucas, University of Hull on choosing gay bishops

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