The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

As the trustees of Changing Attitude England know and as will be obvious to many members of Changing Attitude’s Facebook group, as I near retirement as Director of CA England, I am not heading into “retirement” but being drawn by an inner spirit into a new focus on silence, contemplative depth, and the apophatic Christian […]

Rose Grigg: Reflections on the first Shared Conversations (South West 27th-29th April 2015)

There’s something slightly intimidating about walking into a room packed with forty seven Anglicans of varying age, dress and demeanour, leaning back casually in their chairs, flicking through their booklets and side-eyeing one another while pretending to sip water. Thus began the first of the Shared Conversations, the Church of England’s reconciliation initiative on the […]

Living silence in the context of noise-inducing appointments

The Anglican Communion and the Church of England have created more disturbance and noise in recent weeks, the Communion by appointing the Nigerian bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon as General Secretary of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England this week by appointing Prebendary Rod Thomas as bishop of Maidstone to minster to conservative evangelicals committed […]

The Glory has departed


Ian Stubbs, a supporter of Changing Attitude England, posted the following article to the CA Facebook group. Ian says it has been adapted from another discussion group and is just to raise a few smiles. It certainly brought smiles of recognition to my face. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, collectively known as “God,” issued […]

It’s the energy, stupid!


Saturday’s Guardian Review had an article about a book by Nick Lane – The Vital Question: Why is Life the Way It Is? The article’s title was It’s the energy, stupid! A game-changing book about the origins of life. I’ll come to the book in a moment. But first, I want to refer to the […]