This is my body: hearing the theology of transgender Christians

This is my body published

Several years in the making, ‘the Sibyls’ book, which I’ve co-edited with my long-term collaborator, Michelle O’Brien, has just been published by Darton, Longman & Todd.×268.jpg 300w,×67.jpg 75w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” /> Its initial UK launch will be taking place at the Trans* & Faith Symposium at Warwick University on Thursday 5th […]

Richard Ashby’s reflections: Canterbury, Chichester & Rochester 27-29th Oct 2015

The shared (originally facilitated) conversations were one of the recommendations of the ‘Pilling Report’ on Human Sexuality published in November 2013. The Southeast contingent met at Ashburnham House, a Christian conference, study and retreat centre in East Sussex. Of the 40 or so present there should have been a 50/50 split between men and women. […]

Banning ‘Conversion’ Therapy

David Cameron appeared to promise before the last election that he would do something about the damaging practice of gay ‘conversion’ therapy, but the government is now backtracking on this , despite members of parliament (including Conservatives) stating time and again how damaging and wrong it is. What we need now is not more strong […]

Julie Withers: Reflections from the North West (2nd – 4th Sept 2015)

I’m not sure what I expected but nothing could have prepared me for the Shared Conversations held in Cheshire between 2nd – 4th September.  The conversations and this reflection are governed by the St Michael’s Protocol so that no names or affiliations are provided. The joining information showed that we would have a tight and […]

Dan Grayson: Reflections from the North West (2nd-4th Sept 2015)

NOTE: The Shared Conversations were governed by the St. Michael’s House Protocols. It is under these Protocols that this reflection is written, and so names and affiliations have been redacted to protect the innocent. ​Earlier this year, I received an invitation from the Bishop of Manchester to take part in the North West Regional Shared […]

“You have some queer friends, Dorothy”, she said. “The queerness doesn’t matter, so long as they’re friends,” was the answer -L. Frank Baum

Since I announced the dilemma I found myself in, following a meeting with the Archbishop of York, who presented me with the choice, of either continuing in ministry as a Reader, or commuting my Civil Partnership to marriage and have my PTO (Permission To Officiate) withdrawn, I have been overwhelmed by loving support and prayers […]

What is the Bread of Life?

Those of us who are Anglican have heard a series of readings about the bread of life from John chapter 6 in church over the past few Sundays. The readings begin with the fish and loaves miracle and end with Jesus claiming to be the bread of life, and claiming that people who eat his […]

Another P.T.O. revoked…


What an intriguing dynamic, that as I begin to pick up the reins as Coordinator of CA that I should×426.jpg 605w,×53.jpg 75w, 944w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />find myself placed in an impossible situation by the Church of England. I am a Reader, working, with a PTO issued by the Archbishop of […]

Everyone Counts 2014 diversity audit excludes sexual orientation

Time for the Church to appoint an adviser and create a Committee for LGBTI Concerns Everyone Counts is a diversity audit based in a congregational survey carried out in autumn 2014 in a sample of Church of England parishes. There was a particular focus on ethnicity, disability and locality but not on sexual orientation. In […]