The Chapel Royal, Brighton

Chapel Royal Brighton

The Chapel Royal Brighton

We are a diverse group of people struggling to live out the gospel and to remain faithful.
As a gathered community of faith, each Sunday we represent all traditions within Anglicanism, together with people nurtured in the Roman Catholic and Free Church traditions.

Our relationship with one another draws on our various spiritual pilgrimages, enriching our liturgy with simplicity, dignity, and informality. This diversity of backgrounds is held in creative tension and with mutual respect. In November 2003, the Chapel wardens and Parochial Church Council members wrote of Our Community of Faith:

We de not categorise people, but welcome and respect each individual, encouraging all to contribute to the life of the community according to their talents and availability. We include people of all churchmanship, so that families, couples of all relationships, and single people can find friendship and fellowship. As a Community we attempt to avoid labels.

In response to questions we may be described as liberal catholic. Our principle act of worship is the Eucharist accompanied by both contemporary and traditional music. Our worship is inclusive, but without the use of incense. We welcome women’s ministry and delight in a variety of teaching styles.








The Chapel Royal, North Street, Brighton BN1 1EA

Details of main services




Sunday 10.15 am The Community Eucharist

This is our principal Sunday celebration with a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary music. The style is relaxed yet dignified, reflective yet responsive.

Saturday 5.30 pm Vigil Eucharist
A quiet a reflective celebration without music. This 30 minute service consists of a small regular congregation together with visitors, tourists and travellers.

Contact person

Fr David Biggs

Telephone number(s)


Parish Office 01273 328767   Fr David 01273 774492




About a 10 minute walk from Brighton station.  Nearly all Brighton bus routes pass down North Street and stop outside the church.

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