1. Many years ago I visited Glasgow. I went there twice and both times I stayed with friends who lived in an
    apartment building and I remember that I could look out their kitchen window and see St. Mary’s Cathedral.
    One of the times I went there it was during a colder part of the winter and I recall going into the Cathedral
    and remember how warm it was in the pews with the “piped in” heat. I was Baptized and Confirmed in St.
    Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Denver, CO. That was my boyhood church. As a youth I was mentored by Rev.
    Albert Earl Stephens, Jr. At that time I was seriously thinking about a lifetime career as an Episcopal Priest.
    My life took another direction; actually, many different directions. Some think of me now as a “poor man’s”
    Renaissance Man. I am now an ordained Christian Minister of the Independent Type. My focus in on the
    poor and homeless. I am in the process of attempting to organize some help for them. It was such an
    inspiration for me to get online this evening and view all the beautiful pictures of St. Mary’s Cathedral.
    All praise to our Blessed Lord.

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