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Position Statements

Our June 2012 submission to the House of Bishops working group on LGBT issues, due to report in 2013.

Fifteen Theological arguments for Gay marriage – by CA trustee Keith Sharpe

Women Bishops: Equality, Rights and Disarray – an article for the Ecclesiastical Law Journal by Dr Rob Clucas and Dr Keith Sharpe

Interim report CA meetings with bishops  August 2013


A far-from-comprehensive list of sermons preached by CA staff and Trustees

Sermon preached at Queer Week 2012, Wadham College, Oxford by Christina Beardsley

Some older material

Newsletter December 2010

Newsletter March 2010

Sexual Ethics

Sexual Ethics (imposed layout)

A Report of the Lesbian and Gay Clergy Consultation Working Group
Edited by Andrew Henderson

All God’s Children (2003)

All God’s Children (2003) imposed

A brief guide to understanding the role and history of lesbian and gay people in the Anglican church.

Welcoming and Open Congregations (2008)

Welcoming and Open Congregations (2008) imposed

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