Time to end homophobia and anti-gay prejudice in the Anglican Communion

The remarks made to journalists in Namirembe, Kampala, by Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, the Primate of the Church of Uganda, are predictably to the script of the Global South/GAFCON axis in the Anglican Communion. The Archbishop’s stance is a reprise of the many statements hostile to the presence of LGB&T people in the Anglican Communion and […]

A healthy, loving global Anglican Communion for the twenty first century

(Readers might like to refer to Archbishop Eliud Wabukala’s keynote address to the FCA Leaders Conference) The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans Leaders Conference is meeting from 23 to 27 April at St Mark’s Battersea Rise, South London. St Mark’s is the next parish to St Barnabas Clapham Common where the Revd David Page was the […]

The defeat of the Covenant in England creates space for LGBTI people to flourish

The defeat of the Anglican Covenant in England by the voting in Diocesan Synods creates not a problem for the Anglican Communion but a huge opportunity. The Covenant was designed to deal with the reality of a partnered gay bishop in the USA and the introduction of same-sex blessings in Canada. The intention of its […]

Changing Anglican Communion attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is more important than the Covenant

Thanks to the 23 diocesan synods which have voted against the Anglican Covenant, it cannot now return to General Synod for adoption in this quinquennium. The Covenant was developed as a solution to the crisis that erupted in 2003 following the election of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. But the origins of the problems […]

The Bishop of Salisbury first to make public his support for gay marriage

Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury

Today’s Times carries an interview with the Bishop of Salisbury, by Ruth Gledhill in which bishop Nicholas says he has changed his mind and now supports gay marriage. This is a dramatic development at the end of what has already been a very dramatic week for LGB&T issues in the Church of England. Ruth says […]

Chicago Consultation releases publication on proposed Anglican Covenant

The Genius of Anglicanism includes essays by theologians, church leaders April 5, 2011—The Chicago Consultation, which advocates for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the worldwide Anglican Communion, has released a collection of essays and study questions on the proposed Anglican Covenant. The Genius of Anglicanism, a 64-page booklet, includes […]

On not being present at the Primate’s meeting

I’m going to be absent from the Primate’s meeting in Dublin. Will my presence be missed? Not in the same way as the absence of about a quarter of the Primates themselves. I was present in Dar Es Salaam with Davis Ma-Iyalla, Caro Hall and Scott Gunn, a number of international journalists and lobbyists and […]

Moving at the pace of the slowest

‘Standing on the platform’ indeed! It serves me right for blogging about waving off the Covenant Express – last night, at King’s Cross Station, our train to Leeds was cancelled and the revised timetable offered the delights of ‘extended running times and further delays’. Reluctantly, for I had been keen to see my family in […]

From the vanguard to the rearguard: standing on the platform waving off the Covenant Express

Back in the 1990s the diocese recommended my benefice (two parishes) and the one next-door (three parishes) to ‘cluster’. We were described as ‘the untidy end of the deanery’ and it did make sense: the five parishes (three quite rural; two semi-suburban) did indeed encircle, physically, a growing conurbation. No matter that there had been, […]

What will the pattern of the Anglican Communion look like in 10 years time?

The Anglican Communion is being reconfigured at the moment. We who campaign for the full inclusion of LGBT people fear that in 10 years time we might find ourselves marginalised and excluded. The narrative of those conservative Anglican bodies and individuals opposed to the full inclusion of LGBT people claim that it is the Episcopal […]