LGBT Anglican Coalition Rejoices at Los Angeles Consecrations

The LGBT Anglican Coalition rejoices that Diane Bruce and Mary Glasspool will be consecrated as bishops in Los Angeles on the 15th May. The Revd Diane Bruce and the Revd Mary Glasspool were each elected by large majorities of the laity, clergy and bishops of the Diocese of Los Angeles. Subsequently, their elections were confirmed by clear majorities, both of the bishops with jurisdiction in The Episcopal Church of the United States and of the standing committees of that church’s dioceses. We rejoice that two more women will become bishops in the Anglican Communion. We send them our congratulations and welcome them as bishops with the many gifts that each will bring to the church.

LGBT Anglican Coalition Press Release – Los Angeles and Uganda

The LGBT Anglican Coalition warmly welcomes the election of two new suffragan bishops for the Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles, and notes: * that the election has been carried out with a close regard to the norms and constitution of that church; * that its transparency contrasts favourably with the still opaque processes by which […]

Statement of the International Interdenominational Conference of LGBT Christians

21-22 November 2009, Moscow If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. Luke 6, 32 We, Christians – Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants – participants of the International Interdenominational Conference of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, listening to God’s Word and sharing in […]

The International Interdenominational Conference of LGBT Christians, Moscow

The International Interdenominational Conference of LGBT Christians took place in Moscow on 21-22 November. 26 people from Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Romania and Norway took part in the conference. They represented a number of Christian denominations: Orthodox, Catholics, Metropolitan Community Church, Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists, Quakers, and Jehovah Witnesses. The […]

Groundbreaking PRA Investigation Exposes Influence of U.S. Religious Conservatives in Promoting Homophobia in Africa

U.S. Christian Right also mobilizes African clerics in U.S. “culture war” over ordination of LGBT clergy Sexual minorities in Africa have become collateral damage to our domestic conflicts and culture wars as U.S. conservative evangelicals and those opposing gay pastors and bishops within mainline Protestant denominations woo Africans in their American fight, a groundbreaking investigation […]

1st African Dialogue on Sexuality and Christian Faith

Hosted by Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) in partnership with The Rainbow Project (TRP) of Namibia from 2-5 November 2009, Stellenbosch The past few days 77 participants from 13 African countries met for the first time ever to dialogue about the issue of sexual orientation from a Christian faith perspective. The participants included clergy (pastors, […]

SE Florida bishop authorises same-sex blessings

The Rt. Rev. Leo Frade, Bishop of Southeast Florida, has authorized his clergy to provide pastoral blessings—but not to preside over same-sex weddings—within about a month. Bishop Frade announced his decision to a clergy conference that met on Sept. 9 and 10. Bishop Frade has asked the Very Rev. Douglas William McCaleb, dean of Trinity […]

Resolution of the Diocese of Cape Town on Ministry to Gays and Lesbians in Covenanted Partnerships

The Anglican Diocese of Cape Town agreed on August 22 to a resolution asking the church’s bishops to provide pastoral guidelines for gay and lesbian members of the church living in “covenanted partnerships,” taking into account the mind of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Synod of the Diocese also resolved to ask Archbishop Thabo Makgoba […]

Diocese of Montreal to draft liturgy for gay blessings

Reuters The Bishop of Montreal, the Rt Revd Barry Clarke, has indicated in an interview that he will follow through with the wishes of the diocese of Montreal and set up a commission to start drafting a liturgy for blessing lesbian and gay marriages. The bishop said he would be proceeding with plans already agreed by […]

Revd Michael Kimindu ejected from Nairobi clergy chapter meeting

The Revd Michael Kimindu, an Anglican priest who was a member of the LGBT team at the Lambeth Conference this year, was ejected from a meeting of the clergy chapter meeting in the diocese of All Saints Cathedral. The chapter meeting was held in the offices of the diocese at Karen on Wednesday 8th October 2008. […]