Gay bishops – it’s the Church of England that’s in the dock

I’ve been spurred into further thought by comments on the previous post and a conversation I’m told took place on Facebook where a friend of mine was urged to stop me doing what I’m doing “before it goes too far.” The person doing the urging thinks the House of Bishops will wreak a terrible revenge on […]

Bishop of Lewes involved in Church of Ireland meeting of conservatives

Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes, attended a meeting on Monday evening of Church of Ireland clergy increasingly unhappy at their church’s response to a minister’s same-sex partnership. He is chairman of the advisory council to the GAFCON primates. The News Letter says there are no details about where the meeting was held or how […]

Holding a creative tension

Holding creative tension is something the Anglican Communion is finding it very difficult to do. Instead, we are involved in various dynamics of avoidance, denial, collusion and dishonesty. The strategy of various conservative evangelical groups is to threaten to divide and rule or to develop an alternative church structure, whether parallel but within the C […]