How will Changing Attitude judge the Pilling Report?

Yes, I know, until it is published and we know what it actually says, we can’t make a judgement on the Pilling Report’s content and recommendations. But we are already being told from numerous sources that its recommendation will be for very modest change and it will (deliberately) be written to satisfy neither ‘side’ If […]

We have a Gospel to proclaim!

“God is an intelligible space whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. God is within all things, but not enclosed, outside all things, but not excluded, above all things but not aloof, below all things but not debased. God is supremely one and all-inclusive, God is therefore ‘all in all’” (1 Corinthians 15.28). […]

Living into a new, healthy, holy paradigm

A brief history … For the first three decades of my life I lived in the Diocese of Southwark. I learnt that many gay priests were present in the Church and even bishops known, discreetly, to be gay (Mervyn Stockwood and later, Michael Marshall). I learnt to pass as straight, fearing the reaction were I […]