CA Sussex holds gay marriage debate in Brighton

On Friday 21st June approximately 200 people turned out to participate in a debate on gay marriage at St Mary’s Church in St James Street Brighton.  The event was organised by Changing Attitude Sussex. The principal speaker in favour of Same Sex Marriage was Simon Kirby, Member of Parliament for the constituency of Brighton Kemptown  […]

Overcoming systemic abuse and inequality with healthy, holy, creative Christian patterns and values

Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, has asked a “systemic question” on Facebook this morning in the context of the news that Peter Ball, former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Bishop Alan wonders what contribution Reactionary Sexist Culture and Inequality expressing itself in a hierarchy that took itself […]

Winchelsea case sends a message to all bishops

The Revd David Page retired as parish priest of St Barnabas Clapham Common and chair of Changing Attitude England in 2008, moving eventually to Winchelsea with Howard, his civil partner. Howard has held a Permission to Officiate (PTO) in the diocese of Chichester for many years, having lived and worked there as a teacher. When David […]

Wallace Benn accused of gross negligence, C of E charged with failure to suspend him

The performance of the Diocese of Chichester and of Lambeth Palace has come under the spotlight again thanks to letters obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act. The letters are of interest to Changing Attitude for a number of reasons. Bishop Wallace Benn is a key member of Reform, GAFCON and FCA. […]

Dreaming of a creative vision for the potential for Christian life

I have a question pursuing me at the moment, which is motivating the direction of my blogs, and which I may be in danger of over-emphasising. After 17 years in Changing Attitude, working to defend the place of LGB&T people in the Church against global hostility, I want to move from defence and beyond advocacy […]

The Dysfunctional Culture of the Diocese of Chichester and its Paralysed Bishop

Keith Sharpe, convenor of Changing Attitude Sussex, writes about the Chichester report: The Interim Report of the Commissaries of the Archbishop of Canterbury charged with inquiring into the sexual abuse of children by Churchof England Clergyin the Diocese of Chichester was published on Thursday 30th August.  It follows on from earlier reports commissioned by the […]

Winchelsea and the Clergy Discipline Measure investigation of Bishop Wallace Benn

The Bishop of Lewes, Wallace Benn

The BBC has now published a report about David Page, Fr Howard Cocks and David’s lack of a PTO although he has been preaching and taking services at St Thomas the Martyr in Winchelsea, as reported on Wednesday by Changing Attitude. The Diocese of Chichester said that Mr Page had been ministering even though he […]

Bishop Wallace Benn’s anti-gay prejudice trumps his failure to prevent abuse in Chichester Diocese

Correspondence: + Lewes to Rev David Page Rev David Page to + Lewes   The soon-to-arrive new Bishop of Chichester has some fine messes to clear up on arrival, in a diocese with a higher than average number of gay clergy and gay-friendly congregations presided over in part by a homophobic bishop. In 2008 the […]

Bishop of Lewes involved in Church of Ireland meeting of conservatives

Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes, attended a meeting on Monday evening of Church of Ireland clergy increasingly unhappy at their church’s response to a minister’s same-sex partnership. He is chairman of the advisory council to the GAFCON primates. The News Letter says there are no details about where the meeting was held or how […]