Time to bless lesbian and gay relationships in church

The right wing conservative Christian narrative would claim that they, traditional, orthodox, Bible-believing Christians, are being persecuted and marginalized because of the demands made by “homosexual activists” in Western nations. This at least is the claim of an American article published by Way of Life Literature, Inc. titled What Rights Will Others Lose When Homosexuals […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed – No 12: Process & Practice

The next section of Part 3 of the Pilling Report is called A process for listening to each other and outlines what the working party believes (paragraph 352) is ‘the way forward for the Church’: ‘an intentional process of attentive listening between Christians whose understandings of Scripture and God’s calling for the Church and the […]

The crisis for the C of E will only intensify

The Church of England is in crisis. In an article for the Observer yesterday Robert McCrum argued that its position on women bishops and gay marriage has alienated much of society. The failure to secure a two thirds majority in the House of Laity for women in the episcopate last November heightened the crisis which […]

Getting it rite: services of prayer and blessing for same-sex couples

During the past decade the Windsor Commission and the Primates of the Anglican Communion have called for a moratorium on same-sex blessings. In 2009, the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church interpreted this call as a brake on the development of official church rites and ceremonies for gay couples – which have, in […]

Daily Telegraph report on same-sex services in the Church of England

The Daily Telegraph has a broadly accurate report about same-sex blessings in the Church of England in today’s paper, with a totally inaccurate headline. The article quotes the Rev Colin Coward, director of Changing Attitude, as saying: “There are people who will do a blessing in a church, I don’t think that’s a problem. It […]

Violence and sexual health in Mombasa, lesbian blessings in Nairobi

The two couples and guests with Revd Colin Coward and Revd Michael Kimindu

Last Friday afternoon, I visited the office of KEMRI, the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Mtwapa. KEMRI is a national organisation researching the potential for an HIV vaccine in conjunction with IAVI, the International Aids Vaccine Initiative, of which KEMRI is a local branch. At the local level, KEMRI provides peer education and counselling and […]

Changing Attitude questions whether the C of E has made a decision not to opt in to CPs in church

Changing Attitude recently wrote to William Fittall, Secretary General of the General Synod, with our concerns about recent statements issued by ‘spokespersons’ claiming to speak on behalf of the Church of England. Specifically we have been dismayed by the unequivocal assertion in various media that the Church of England will not allow civil partnerships to […]

A huge gulf is opening in England between the attitude of the general population to gay partnerships and the Church of England

My partner and I are planning to contract our Civil Partnership in October (dependent on approval from the Home Office). Our focus will not be the legal ceremony in the registry office but a service of holy communion in church using material from Jim Cotter’s The Service of my Love. We met our Rector this […]