Canadian, US and African bishops affirm common mission at third Consultation

Last week, the Anglican Church of Canada hosted the third Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue. Growing out of Lambeth 2008, which uncovered divisions and disagreements between African and other Anglicans on the issue of human sexuality and same-sex relationships, the dialogue held its first meeting in London in 2010 and it second last year in […]

A Sacrament of Love : a statement by the third meeting of Anglican Bishops in dialogue

A Sacrament of Love: Our Continuing Testimony of Grace This statement was released by the Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue after their third meeting June 4 to 7 in Toronto, Ont. The statement from their second meeting “A Testimony of Grace,”  is also available. Love has been perfected in us in this: that we […]

Miss Universe stance on Botswana trans woman gives community reason to hope

Ready for Miss Universe: Tshepo Kgositau of Botswana

After the Miss Universe pageant recently changed its rules to allow trans women to enter, Botswana’s trans people are hoping they might be in a stronger situation to change things in their country. Today Tshepo Kgositau a self-identifying trans woman has appeared on local radio stations talking about the breakthrough at Miss Universe and how […]

Botswana LGBTI organisation appeals for help to fight denied registration

After yet another failed attempt at registration by the Botswana authorities, the Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LeGaBiBo) is reaching out to civil society for help in getting registered by the government of Botswana. LeGaBiBo is a human rights organisation based in Botswana whose mandate is to represent the interests and protect the rights […]

Botswana LGBTI meet to discuss discrimination within the community

Rainbow Identity Botswana

Last weekend members of Gaborone’s LGBTI community met to thrash out differences amongst themselves which they felt have been caused by discrimination within the LGBTI community. They met on Saturday April 14 in the small town of Tlokweng, almost 12km from Gaborone under the auspices of the Rainbow Identity Association. The RIA provided a safe […]

Botswana group examines issues of exclusion within the LGBTI communities

Rainbow Identity Botswana×100.jpg 100w,×200.jpg 200w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” />Botswana’s Rainbow Identity Association has announced an on-going project that seeks to facilitate a space where LGBTI communities can strategically deliberate on the issues of exclusion and gaps within LGBTI organizing, Behind the Mask reports. According to the announcement, “There is so much stigma and discrimination within […]

Towards a progressive culture in South Africa

In the last few weeks South African representatives have launched an extraordinary human rights offensive at the United Nations, within the context of a growing global debate about the rights of sexual minorities. European, North American and Latin American states are moving increasingly towards guaranteeing full rights — including same-sex marriage — for sexual minorities […]

Domestic violence issues and Botswana’s LGBTI community

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender or strength. Emotional abuse is often minimized yet it can leave deep and lasting scars and very common within the same sex relationships. The bottom line is that abusive behaviour is never acceptable whether it’s coming from a man, woman, transgender, teenager or an […]

The struggle in Africa continues even as former presidents speak in favour of gays

Festus Mogae

On a continent where homosexuality is a taboo and considered inconsistent with cultural and religious norms and values, anti-gay sentiments are a vote winner. As a result, many sitting African presidents have elected to remain silent on this issue and the few that do speak, do so only to condemn gays and reinforce prejudice. Recently […]

Botswana health system struggling to deal with gender identity confusion patients

The general lack of information about gender identity issues that plagues the country’s health care service means that Botswana’s Transgender community is suffering. A recent incident involving an eighteen year old was brought to the attention of Rainbow Identity, an organization that deals with transgender and intersex people and their issues. The incident took place […]