Cameroon moves to strengthen its anti-homosexual laws

Alternatives Cameroon, an LGBTI organisation, reports that government policy makers last week convened to endorse a preliminary draft of a law that imposes harsher penalties for homosexual acts. The organisation revealed that the government convened a validation meeting on Friday December 2 during which a revision of the current law regarding homosexuality was discussed. Existing […]

A lone activist crusades for change in Cameroon

Alice Nkom, Cameroon LGBT civil rights attorney

Civil rights attorney Alice Nkom is in an isolated fight for the west central African nation’s vulnerable gay community. Alice Nkom is accustomed to polarized public opinion about her civil rights work on behalf of Cameroon’s marginalized LGBT community. The defense attorney is highly praised by international human rights groups, yet vociferously denounced by many […]

Churches defend prejudice as campaign to decriminalise homosexuality is launched

Alice Nkom, the human rights lawyer fighting the anti-gay laws in Cameroon

The Human Dignity Trust (HDT) has launched a global campaign in London today to decriminalise homosexuality in the 80-odd countries where consensual sexual activity between adults of the same gender is outlawed by embarking on a first test case in the courts of Belize. Forty two are Commonwealth countries which inherited their statutes as a […]

African LGB&T activists return from three weeks training in Sweden armed with skills

After three weeks in Stockholm, Sweden 50 African LGBT activists are back home with knowledge and skills acquired from a human rights training programme. During the training, organised by amongst others the Swedish National Association for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (RFSL) the activists were trained to advocate, protect and defend LGBTI rights in their […]

Cameroon may toughen laws criminalising homosexuality

The Cameroonian government is preparing to reform its criminal code and may toughen laws criminalising homosexuality according to Alice Nkom, head of the Association pour la Défense de l’Homosexualité (ADEFHO). The age of consent for heterosexual couples in Cameroon is 16. The proposed laws would punish homosexual couples between the ages of 16 and 21 […]

More details about the three Cameroonian men charged under “Sodomy” law Human Right Watch (HRW) published more details about the three Cameroonian men arrested last month after returning from a bar in Yaoundé. The two men detained for feminine appearance were tortured in police custody and charged under laws criminalising homosexuality. They will be tried […]