Campaign against the Ugandan anti-gay bill

Coffins outside Scott Lively’s coffee shop where preaching hate is a daily tool

Changing Attitude is just one of the many international organisations and campaigns that are opposing the pernicious Ugandan anti-gay bill. The bill hovers on the parliamentary timetable, driven by the speaker of parliament who has promised to secure passage of the bill as a Christmas present to the Ugandan people. It is one of the […]

Kenyan MSM activist shares his vision in fight against stigma and discrimination

Anthony Adero, Kenyan MSM activist

Anthony A, 24, is a young charismatic Kenyan MSM activist. He focusses specifically on young MSM and works hard to ensure they have access to health, justice and equal rights. Melissa Wainaina from Behind the Mask interviewed him and below are excerpts of their conversation: Tell us a little about who you are and your […]

Kaleidoscope hosts discussion with three leading LGB&T figures from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia

Maurice Tomlinson

Yesterday evening in the House of Commons, Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust hosted a discussion with three leading figures from the LGB&T movement in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Maurice Tomlinson is a lawyer and has been involved in LGBT and HIV and AIDS activism in Jamaica and the Caribbean for over 12 years. He is […]

Tory MP calls for churches to be banned from holding marriages if they refuse gay couples

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative MP for Hove, has called for churches to be banned from holding marriages if they refuse to perform civil partnerships for gay couples. He says that the idea will bring more equality for gay couples. In a letter to prime minister David Cameron (reproduced below), Mr Weatherley wrote: “As long as […]

Changing Attitude reveals results of Civil Partnership Survey

Press Release Changing Attitude reveals results of Civil Partnership Survey A survey undertaken by Changing Attitude since the Civil Partnership Act became law on December 21st 2005 has found that 87 couples – 174 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) members of the Church of England, lay and ordained – have registered their civil partnership. […]