Dreams and challenges we all (and especially the House of Bishops) have to face

Following the House of Lords debate on the Marriage (same sex couples bill) when Lord Dear’s motion was decisively defeated, dates have been announced for the committee stage – Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th, and Monday 24th June. A number of amendments have been tabled, some by members of the House of Bishops. If I was […]

Anglicans meeting in Africa still in denial about the reality of lesbian and gay people in their churches

Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream is reporting from the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Divine Commonwealth Conference being held in the National Christian Centre in Abuja, attended by 5000 members of the Church. Archbishop Nicholas Okoh says that the conference is neither an Episcopal Synod, Clergy Conference, nor a gathering only of Anglicans or […]

Misapprehensions by Anglican Mainstream – 2: What happened at Lambeth 1998

Having written about the meetings Dr Philip Giddings thinks we, LGB&T groups, had with the liberal bishops (which we didn’t), he then goes on to explain that the listening process wasn’t authorized by and didn’t begin with Lambeth 1.10, referring to the witness of Canon Chris Sugden, who was apparently at the heart of Lambeth […]

The root of the poison in our Church and Communion

The root of the problem affecting the Church of England in its conflicted views about homosexuality is the entrenched homophobia and prejudice held by a minority against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our Church and Communion. The prejudice is poisoning our Church and infecting it at every level. It poisoned the Crown Nomination […]