Province of West Indies bishops reject same-sex marriage

The House of Bishops and Standing Committee of the Church in the Province of the West Indies meeting in Barbados issued a draft provincial statement on same-sex unions issued on Thursday 25 April 2013 firmly rejecting same-sex marriage and urging Caribbean Governments to resist attempts at compromise from outside the region. The statement said that […]

Public consultation in Guyana on removal of anti-gay laws

The Associated Press reports that authorities in Guyana are planning a series of public consultations on whether to repeal the country’s anti-gay laws. Guyana remains the only country in mainland South America with laws forbidding homosexuality on its statute books, though they are said not to be enforced. Homophobia and anti-gay laws remain widespread in […]

Kaleidoscope hosts discussion with three leading LGB&T figures from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia

Maurice Tomlinson

Yesterday evening in the House of Commons, Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust hosted a discussion with three leading figures from the LGB&T movement in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Maurice Tomlinson is a lawyer and has been involved in LGBT and HIV and AIDS activism in Jamaica and the Caribbean for over 12 years. He is […]

Global LGBT leaders urge western countries not to talk down to other governments on gay rights

Western nations have been asked not to “talk down” to governments in the rest of the world on the issue of gay rights. At a packed meeting hosted by the Kaleidoscope Trust at the House of Commons last night, leading figures from the LGBT movement in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia urged supporters of equal […]

Remarks by Maurice Tomlinson, AIDS-Free World’s Legal Advisor on Marginalized Groups, upon receiving the inaugural ‘David Kato Vision and Voice Award’

aids fee worl

London, UK, January 29, 2012, 6:00 PM I would like to start off with a number of humble thank-yous. Thank you all for the tremendous honour bestowed on me this evening. Thank you to the International Planned Parenthood Federation for the vision in establishing and creating this Award. (Thank you Kevin for planting the seed […]

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson receives David Kato Vision & Voice Award tonight

Maurice Tomlinson

  This evening at a ceremony at the Roof Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, the gay Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson is receiving the David Kato Vision & Voice Award. David Kato, human rights, was murdered in his home in Kampala, Uganda on 26 January 2011. The award has been established in recognition of his life […]

Free representation in Caribbean for persons facing discrimination

Gay men, sex workers and HIV-positive persons will be among Caribbean nationals who will qualify for free legal representation under the newly established Caribbean Social Justice Coalition, if they believe they are being discriminated against, reports the Caribbean Observer. Already the foundation of the international apparel company Levi Strauss Company has stepped forward to become […]