Changing Attitude Sussex at Brighton Pride

Christians atending the 2013 Brighton Pride service at St John the Evangelist, Preston

Dr Keith Sharpe, Chair of Changing Attitude Sussex, reports on Brighton Pride Brighton Pride 2013 last Saturday was a great day.  Beautiful weather and a huge turnout.  The parade went off well and the Service of Welcome at which the Bishop of Chichester, Martin Warner, preached was well attended.  The Bishop spoke with passion about the […]

CA Sussex holds gay marriage debate in Brighton

On Friday 21st June approximately 200 people turned out to participate in a debate on gay marriage at St Mary’s Church in St James Street Brighton.  The event was organised by Changing Attitude Sussex. The principal speaker in favour of Same Sex Marriage was Simon Kirby, Member of Parliament for the constituency of Brighton Kemptown  […]

Wallace Benn accused of gross negligence, C of E charged with failure to suspend him

The performance of the Diocese of Chichester and of Lambeth Palace has come under the spotlight again thanks to letters obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act. The letters are of interest to Changing Attitude for a number of reasons. Bishop Wallace Benn is a key member of Reform, GAFCON and FCA. […]

The Chichester report demonstrates the need for radical change in the whole Church of England

I’ve now read the Chichester report in full. News reports have already highlighted the damning comments made about the diocese: the lives that have been deeply wounded by the abuse suffered at the hands of clergy and of lay people; the wickedness and shamefulness of what has happened to those who were abused; the appalling […]

The Dysfunctional Culture of the Diocese of Chichester and its Paralysed Bishop

Keith Sharpe, convenor of Changing Attitude Sussex, writes about the Chichester report: The Interim Report of the Commissaries of the Archbishop of Canterbury charged with inquiring into the sexual abuse of children by Churchof England Clergyin the Diocese of Chichester was published on Thursday 30th August.  It follows on from earlier reports commissioned by the […]

Peter Tatchell preaches Equal Marriage in Brighton, Anglican MP Roger Gale stoops to scare-mongering

Changing Attitude Sussex recently organised a meeting at which Peter Tatchell was the keynote speaker. His talk on Equal Marriage was electrifying. Over 150 people turned up to hear him and to judge by the sustained and thunderous applause he received, if there were any opponents of gay marriage there, he won them over.  I […]

Changing Attitude Sussex given £2000 grant by Church of England

PRESS RELEASE 16TH SEPTEMBER 2011 Changing Attitude Sussex, which campaigns for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Anglican Church, was today awarded a grant of £2000 by the Church and Community Fund (CCF) of the Archbishops’ Council.  The bid was backed by the Bishop of Chichester, Dr John Hind.  The CCF […]

Brighton LGBT survey: Diocese of Chichester press release

The results of a survey carried out by Changing Attitude Sussex and the Brighton and Hove Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement among the churches in the Deaneries of Brighton and Hove in the Diocese of Chichester have now been published. They show an overwhelming number of churches welcome  LGBT*people as members of congregations. Archdeacon Douglas […]

Survey shows Brighton churches are very gay friendly

PRESS RELEASE Changing Attitude Sussex Results from a recent survey undertaken by Changing Attitude Sussex and the Brighton and Hove Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement show that the Anglican churches of Brighton and Hove are very welcoming to homosexual people. The churches were asked to choose one of four categories to describe their attitude to […]

Changing Attitude at Brighton Pride

Changing Attitude Sussex marched with other faith groups on Saturday through the centre of Brighton on Saturday. Our section was led by a Metropolitan Community Church banner, followed by Unitarians, Quakers and a Jewish group with Changing Attitude and LGCM following. We were, as in Manchester last year and Leeds and London this year, greeted […]