Is the Church of England going to help people become who they truly are?

Because I’m the Director of Changing Attitude, I’ve felt it necessary to be circumspect about revealing too much about my experience of God. I have been worried in the past that I would be pounced on and attacked by those fundamentalists who believe in a very literal God. In the US the literalists denounce people […]

Gay bishops – it’s the Church of England that’s in the dock

I’ve been spurred into further thought by comments on the previous post and a conversation I’m told took place on Facebook where a friend of mine was urged to stop me doing what I’m doing “before it goes too far.” The person doing the urging thinks the House of Bishops will wreak a terrible revenge on […]

Eighty per cent vote for same-sex marriage in Telegraph poll

The campaign launched by The Christian Institute, the Coalition for Marriage (C4M – catchy, isn’t it?) is a group of organisations and individuals who support the current definition of marriage and opposes any plans to redefine it, says the Institute web site – but the other organisations are not named. The Coalition is led by […]

Retired Archbishop Lord Carey launches campaign against same-sex marriage

Coalition for Marriage has today launched a petition in support of “the legal definition of marriage which is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. I oppose any attempt to redefine it.” In a recent Daily Mail article, Lord Carey claimed the proposal to change the status […]

Poison spreads in the Anglican Communion as conference describes homosexuals as lepers who spread a disease of epic proportions and malignancy in the Church

A poison has been spreading in the Anglican Communion since the publication of the Kuala Lumpur Statement on Human Sexuality in February 1997 by the second Anglican Encounter in the South. It was a statement about the Bible, homosexuality, the ordination of practising homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex unions. Its target was the Episcopal […]

Judge defines a change in attitudes – wakey-wakey time for the Church

At Bristol County Court, Judge Rutherford has ruled that the Christian owners of a hotel who refused to allow a gay couple a double room acted unlawfully. He said that, in the past 50 years, social attitudes in Britain had changed and it was inevitable that laws would “cut across” some people’s beliefs. He awarded […]

Evangelical Alliance in Ireland Supports Civil Unions Bill

Lifesitenews Evangelical Alliance Ireland has issued a statement saying, “The government is seeking to legislate for greater justice and fairness for co-habiting couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. As Christians we should support that stance.” The Alliance said that the bill “does not directly challenge the traditional understandings of marriage in Ireland.” “Same-sex couples are […]

Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association challenges the Christian Institute

The Christian Institute is calling for Northern Ireland to be excluded from the Civil Partnerships bill. The Institute thinks the government should not include Ulster in the legislation and has called for the “immoral” bill to be dropped. Members of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association (NIGRA) protested outside the Christian Institute in the week […]

Government backs call for adoption by gay couples while Tories and Christian groups fight the proposal

The Government has confirmed that gay and unmarried couples are to be given the chance to adopt, saying that MPs will have a free vote on a change in the law. Alan Milburn, the Secretary of State for Health, announced his backing for amendments to a Bill that allows couples in a stable and long-term […]

Christian Institute publishes booklet on civil partnerships

The Christian Institute, a conservative pressure-group, has issued a booklet entitled Counterfeit Marriage: How “civil partnerships” devalue the currency of marriage, which opposes the Bill. The booklet argues that the Bill is wrong “to equate gay liaisons and temporary relationships with marriage” and that it “gives no privileges to households where other family relationships like […]