Church of England Evangelical Council Consultation on Scripture and Sexuality

I had received an invitation to take part if this Consultation some and had said yes. When I received a copy of Dr Martin Davie’s report Studies on the Bible and same-sex relationships since 2003 which was to form the basis of the Consultation, I withdrew my acceptance. Those who wish will be able to […]

Homosexuality is tearing fabric of Anglican union, claims Archbishop Ntagali of Uganda

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali of Uganda

The Primate of the Church of Uganda, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, has attacked the Episcopal Church in America on the tenth anniversary of the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. Archbishop Ntagali said the unbiblical decision has torn the fabric of the Anglican Communion at its deepest level. The Archbishop was referring to the […]

Ten and a half months to go before Pilling reports

One question is dominating 2013 for Changing Attitude England – what will Sir Joseph Pilling’s review group recommend in their report to the House of Bishops’ meeting in December and what decisions will the House of Bishops then announce. There are now ten and a half months before they need to resolve their differences and […]

Civil partnerships, the episcopate and the House of Bishops furore

I want to place as the foundation stone of this blog Jim Cotter’s Canticle for Christmas 3 based on John 1 from Out of the Silence to remind myself of the truth that convicts me as a follower of the way of Jesus the Christ. Light in darkness and truth in love is fundamental to my […]

Anxiety over women bishops – where is faith in God’s infinite, loving presence?

I’m preparing to leave for the annual residential meeting of the Changing Attitude trustees, being held this year in North Reddish, between Manchester and Stockport, in the parish where trustee Clive is incumbent. The annual residential enables us to reflect on the past 12 months and from there, address the needs of next year focused […]

Were the Patriarchs really married ?

Benny Hazelhurst asks this question on his blog:  “Marriage as created by God is an exclusive relationship between one man and one woman that is entered into for life …” So says the St Matthias Day Statement from the Church of England Evangelical Council and the Church of England’s official response to Government proposals for […]

Sentamu’s and CEEC’s flawed responses to LGB&T Anglicans

The Rt Rev Richard Harries, patron of Changing Attitude, has a letter published in today’s Guardian responding to the Archbishop of York’s statement on Marriage and Civil Partnerships. Richard Harries says “… the great flaw in his argument is that he does not urge the church to bless such partnerships. This would do more than […]

Gay bishops – it’s the Church of England that’s in the dock

I’ve been spurred into further thought by comments on the previous post and a conversation I’m told took place on Facebook where a friend of mine was urged to stop me doing what I’m doing “before it goes too far.” The person doing the urging thinks the House of Bishops will wreak a terrible revenge on […]

Anglican Mainstream’s power is waning

Flockedout has written on their blog about the House of Bishops Guidelines on Civil Partnerships and Anglican Mainstream’s reaction. Flockedout writes as a member of a conservative evangelical congregation, making their comments all the more authoritative and truthfully accurate. Read the whole blog here. Flockedout says:  “I have personally been told by one of the […]