Shared Conversations – grounds for optimism?

I’m an eternal optimist. Even when confronted with apparently intransigent and unmoving situations or when living through dark times, something inside me continues to believe that the future will eventually be transformed by the creative good – the divine energy of love. Faith might be a good word to describe my optimism! My feelings about […]

The College of Bishops meet for Shared Conversations

This evening members of the College of Bishops, including the eight elected senior women, gather at Bosworth Hall Hotel and Spa, Market Bosworth to begin the Shared Conversations which will be rolled out across the dioceses and last for two years, culminating at the November 2016 meeting of the General Synod. Supporters of Changing Attitude […]

LGBTI Anglican Coalition supports Church of England’s Shared Conversations

9 September 2014: PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From 15 to 17 September, the College of Bishops of the Church of England will be meeting for two days to start the process of Shared Conversations on Sexuality, Scripture and Mission. The LGBTI Anglican Coalition welcomes this first step and our members will be praying for […]

Press Release: Changing Attitude England writes to the College of Bishops

A week ago the Trustees of Changing Attitude England wrote to every bishop and elected senior woman in advance of the meeting of the College of Bishops from September 15-17 when they will start the process of Shared Conversations on Sexuality, Scripture and Mission. The change in attitude and practice which the shared conversations are designed to […]

Holding the bishops in love

20140423_201129×453.jpg 605w,×56.jpg 75w, 797w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />I’d like to make a suggestion. Changing Attitude is about to write to every member of the College of Bishops. The letter points out that they are part of a church in which everything has already changed for LGBTI people, even though we recognise that […]

The College of Bishops Statement – mass conversion needed

The author James Baldwin was born in Harlem in 1924. Baldwin was black and gay, creative and self-reflective. In a chapter about him in Love in a Dark Time Colm Toibin writes that Baldwin tried to do something more truthful and difficult than presenting himself as innocent and others as guilty. He sought to show […]

College of Bishops meet as LGB&T Nigerian Anglicans live in fear

Today the College of Bishops of the Church of England meets to discuss the Pilling Report. Among those discussing the Report are a number of gay bishops who are unwilling or unable to reveal their sexuality for fear of – well, fear of what? Reprisals? Shame? Rebukes from conservatives? I lived much of my life […]

Changing Attitude England Report to the College of Bishops meeting 27 January 2014

Changing Attitude England posted a Report today to every member of the College of Bishops and the 8 senior women in advance of their meeting 27 January 2014. A paper about the inclusion of LGB&T people in all conversations affecting our place in the Church has already been sent to the members of the College […]

The Church of England and the Clare Balding/Alice Arnold/Ben Bradshaw/Ian McKellen/Derek Jacobi problem

Clare Balding and her partner Alice Arnold, who entered a civil partnership in September 2006, are just two of the many faces and voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on TV and radio in the UK. Both are highly respected broadcasters and personalities and their relationship is honoured as equal to marriage. Ben […]

No conversations about us without us

Changing Attitude England participated in the LGB&T Anglican Coalition conversation last Saturday which agreed to write to William Fittall and others about the College of Bishops meeting on 27 January to discuss the Pilling Report. The email said that members were unanimous in expecting that openly LGB&T people should be present at all future meetings […]