GAFCON Primates write to the Archbishop of Burundi accusing him of betrayal

The Gafcon Primates have written a letter to the Archbishop of Burundi, Bernard Ntahoturi, Chairman of CAPA (the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa). They accuse him of betraying the faith by attending a “Transformation Through Friendship” meeting organised by The Episcopal Church at the General Theological Seminary in New York City from October 8-10, […]

Living Reconciliation: Nothing about us without us

I’ve begun to read Living Reconciliation, written by Canon Phil Groves, Director of the Continuing Indaba project for the Anglican Communion and Angharad Parry Jones, who was the Communication and Resource Manager for the project. The book has a Foreword written by the Archbishop of Canterbury: Reconciliation is the heart of the gospel. The book […]

Changing Attitude part of Coalition group meeting Archbishop Justin

The meeting of 6 members of the LGB&T Anglican Coalition at Lambeth Palace with with Archbishop Justin Welby was good and  positive for the six of us representing the Coalition groups, if inevitably cautious and careful. It was a first meeting, an opportunity for the nine people present to talk briefly about ourselves and our […]

Changing Attitude Kenya meets Bishop Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa

Bishop Julius Kalu (2nd from right) with members of Changing Attitude Kenya at the meeting

In a development of great significance for LGBTI Anglicans, members of Changing Attitude Kenya’s steering committee together with local LGBTI Anglicans met Bishop Julius Kalu of Mombasa on Saturday 20th October 2012. The importance of the meeting extends to LGBTI Africans, Christians and people of faith across the continent. The meeting evolved from the foundations […]

Canadian, US and African bishops affirm common mission at third Consultation

Last week, the Anglican Church of Canada hosted the third Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue. Growing out of Lambeth 2008, which uncovered divisions and disagreements between African and other Anglicans on the issue of human sexuality and same-sex relationships, the dialogue held its first meeting in London in 2010 and it second last year in […]

Changing Anglican Communion attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is more important than the Covenant

Thanks to the 23 diocesan synods which have voted against the Anglican Covenant, it cannot now return to General Synod for adoption in this quinquennium. The Covenant was developed as a solution to the crisis that erupted in 2003 following the election of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. But the origins of the problems […]

Further reflections on the meeting with Bishop Joseph of Machakos

There is a great divergence of opinion about homosexuality in the Church of Kenya. The Dean of Theology at one of the Nairobi universities sent a text to Michael saying: “In my view, timing, strategy, participants and fear need to be rethought. Several senior clergy including retired Archbishop David Gitari have gay friends and are […]

Changing Attitude contributes to creative change in the Anglican Communion

Changing Attiude’s groups and contacts in different parts of the Anglican Communion are actively involved in work in response to the listening process and in supporting LGB&T Christians and supporters in places where there is deep hostility and a lack of understanding. Kenya In Kenya, our contact the Revd Michael Kimindu continues to meet senior […]

Ghanaian theologians meet as bishops disagree in private with their Primate

The Primate of the Province of West Africa, the Most revd Justice Akrofi

Changing Attitude has learnt that a number of Ghanaian bishops have revealed in personal conversations that they disagree with the stance being taken by the Primate of West Africa, The Most Revd Justice Acrofi, who has aligned himself with the Global South Primates and refused to attend the Lambeth Conference in 2008. Some have expressed […]