Congo: gays in a misunderstood struggle

Inspired by the LGBT movement in the West, small groups of gays are timidly trying to make a place for themselves in Lubumbashi [the second largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo]. But neither local customs nor Congolese law tolerate homosexual practices, which are considered abnormal… François Musenge tells the story of the little […]

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) bill to criminalise homosexuality

Congolese MP Bishop Ejiba Yamapoa

Bishop Ejiba Yamapia introduced a bill to criminalise homosexuality, The Sexual Practices Against Nature Bill, into the Congolese parliament in October 2010. The bishop is an Evangelical Christian preacher and Member of Parliament. If passed, the bill would criminalize homosexuality and sexual practices with animals such as zoophilia and bestiality. It would also criminalise any activities […]