The challenge of campaigning for LGB&T inclusion in an idolatrous Christian market place

Yesterday I sat and re-read Honest to God while I had one eye on the Queen’s Jubilee Service in St Paul’s Cathedral (and an ear for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon). There was the Church of England doing what it does so well, providing a context of great dignity, solemnity and beauty in which the […]

The problem with (gay) bishops and the CNC

Colin Slee.jpg×378.jpg 605w, 620w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />I want to revisit Colin Slee’s posthumously published memorandum about the Southwark CNC process in the light of the subsequently published paper Choosing Bishops – The Equality Act 2010 issued by the Legal Office at Church House and the conversations I had at General Synod in York. […]

Holding a creative tension

Holding creative tension is something the Anglican Communion is finding it very difficult to do. Instead, we are involved in various dynamics of avoidance, denial, collusion and dishonesty. The strategy of various conservative evangelical groups is to threaten to divide and rule or to develop an alternative church structure, whether parallel but within the C […]

Southwark failure damages Church of England

LGBT Anglican Coalition Press Release 8 May 2010 Both recent meetings of the Crown Nominations Commission to choose a newbishop for the Diocese of Southwark have been the subject of serious leaksto a newspaper. This has resulted in huge personal pain and distress forone candidate, Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, for the second […]

Jeffrey John will not be the next Bishop of Southwark

Jonathan Wynne-Jones has ‘revealed’ in the Telegraph that Jeffrey John is not to be nominated as the next Bishop of Southwark. Neither, so I am told, will Nick Holtham, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, be nominated. This is painfully disappointing news for Jeffrey, who has lived through a week in which his identity and reputation have […]

Conservative evangelicals threaten to split church, defy bishops and withdraw financial support

Western societies have learnt a great deal in the past century about the way human beings behave and construct themselves in social systems. We have learnt about our capacity for self-delusion and how easy it is for individuals and groups of people to ally themselves with a cause which history reveals to be a gross […]

The new paradigm unfolds on Radio 4 between Chris Sugden and Giles Fraser!

John Humphrys introduced this morning’s discussion on the Radio 4 Today programme by saying that the Archbishop of Canterbury apparently wants the new bishop of Southwark to “be Jeffrey John who is openly gay.” Neither of the Canons, Chris Sugden and Giles Fraser, contested this opening statement. Does it have the ring of truth about […]