The Gospels of Conditional and Unconditional Love

I stayed in Cambridge last week with a gay priest friend who recommended Jeremy Young’s book The Cost of Certainty: How religious conviction betrays the human psyche (2004, DLT, ISBN 0232525803). My copy arrived yesterday and reading the first four pages has given me material for a timely blog. Young expresses succinctly the Gospel as […]

The church in defensive mode adopts revolution to avoid evolution

Rosemary Welsh, a member of the CA Facebook group, posted a comment which deserves to be blogged in its own right. Rosemary adds her own creative ideas to yesterday’s blog from me about the Pilling Report and the House of Bishops. Rosemary comments: In some rose-tinted era in the past, the Church might have been […]

Will Pilling and the House of Bishops engage with the full spectrum of experience?

Theology “must engage with our affective side, the emotions and feelings that arise from the experiences of exclusion and discrimination.” This statement comes from a review of a new book, Black Theology, in last Friday’s Church Times by Jesse Zink, Assistant Chaplain at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The book’s author, Anthony Reddie, claims that black theology […]

How inclusive should the Church be – and am I an evangelical?

Canon John Binns, Vicar of Great St Mary’s, Cambridge, writes in the Church Times about the 83 per cent of those who identify as Anglican in national statistics but don’t come to church, leaving 17 per cent or about one million. The 83 per cent who don’t come to Great St Mary’s are as important […]

Extending marriage to same-sex couples might be redemptive, says Charlotte Methuen

Charlotte Methuen, a member of the Faith and Order Commission of the Church of England, the body responsible for publishing the Man and Woman in Marriage document, has written an article Marriage: one man and one woman? for Our Kingdom, the open democracy web site. Charlotte is a lecturer in Ecclesiastical history at the University […]

Keeping us all in order

order chaos

men and women in marriage, a new report from the Church of England, which has just been published, is the work of the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission (FAOC). The Commission was formed from two previously existing bodies: the Faith and Order Advisory Group, which dealt mainly with ecumenical relationships, and the Doctrine […]