Equal marriage, creation, evolution and the new paradigm

We, individual human beings, on different continents, in different cultures and in various communities of faith, are living with dramatically different paradigms, worldviews and attitudes towards the fundamentals of human life and behaviour. Religious and secular values look to be irreconcilable between so many parts of the human global community – Israel and Palestine, Islam […]

We are created to be transformed, to grow into Christ, our Source and our Destiny

“It is always tragic to define one’s self in a rigid way that limits further becoming. And an inordinate attachment to beliefs certainly qualifies as such a limiting self-definition.” I’ve already flagged up that I’m reading Spirituality and the Awakening Self by David G Benner. Benner has helped me take another step in understanding why […]

Eve Was Not Adam’s Wife: A Response to Andrew Goddard’s Attack on Gay Marriage

In a recent article on the Fulcrum website, Andrew Goddard has written forcefully against the government’s proposals for equal civil marriage on the grounds that they will so fundamentally redefine the nature of marriage that the institution of the family, and the social stability that it engenders, will both be endangered. Unlike some high profile […]

How to respond to the House of Bishops initiative on Civil Partnerships and Same-Sex Relationships

Andrew Goddard has published a very helpful and typically thorough and analytical article on Civil Partnerships and Same-Sex Relationships in the Church of England: What is happening and how should evangelicals respond? Andrew roots his exploration in Church documents: the Higton 1987 General Synod motion, Issues in Human Sexuality (1991) and Lambeth Conference resolution 1.10 […]