Identities, names and labels – the Living Out challenge

Two weeks ago, Peter Ould posted an open question to Changing Attitude on his blog  – a question which the trustees and myself noticed and talked about. Peter could have emailed us and put the question directly, which would have been relational and open, but he didn’t. Peter’s question to us is: do we expect […]

Ten and a half months to go before Pilling reports

One question is dominating 2013 for Changing Attitude England – what will Sir Joseph Pilling’s review group recommend in their report to the House of Bishops’ meeting in December and what decisions will the House of Bishops then announce. There are now ten and a half months before they need to resolve their differences and […]

Time for the truth that sets us free

The Very Revd Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, has an article in today’s Church Times titled ‘Time to tell the truth about gays’. He says: “It is obvious that a number of bishops are gay, and some are or have been in gay relationships, yet they constantly refer to gay people as if they […]

Leaving Alexandria – Richard Holloway’s exploration of faith and doubt

I’m reading Leaving Alexandria at the moment, Bishop Richard Holloway’s memoir of faith and doubt. Richard describes the dilemma those of us of certain years experience in the Church of 2012. I have lived more easily into my doubts on the one hand and my deepening conviction that God cares nothing for legalism and correct […]

The challenge of campaigning for LGB&T inclusion in an idolatrous Christian market place

Yesterday I sat and re-read Honest to God while I had one eye on the Queen’s Jubilee Service in St Paul’s Cathedral (and an ear for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon). There was the Church of England doing what it does so well, providing a context of great dignity, solemnity and beauty in which the […]

Emergent Christianity

Phyllis Tickle at Greenbelt Last Friday’s Church Times carried an extensive report of the Greenbelt Festival. The talk by Phyllis Tickle interested me. She is a sociologist of religion from the United States who has chronicled the rise of “Emergence Christianity”. Every 500 years, she said, a “great upheaval” occurs. The last was the Great […]

We grow spiritually much more by doing it wrong than by doing it right

A conservative evangelical didn’t like, at all, my quotations from Integral Christianity – you are the light of the world. He wrote: “Self-actualisation is antithetical to the Gospel. It is the realisation of the utter depravity of the self and the need for an imputation of righteousness and sanctification that is the hallmark of true religion. Theologies […]