Bishop John McIntyre of Gippsland, Australia addresses gay and lesbian issues

Bishop John McIntyre

Two excerpts from Bishop John McIntyre’s  annual presidential address to the 2012 Synod meeting of the Diocese of Gippsland, Australia On same-sex attraction: “In the life of our diocese, we rather belatedly committed to a listening process to hear the stories of gay and lesbian people, and to reflect on how seriously we take the commendation […]

Egyptian LGBT community ‘increasingly visible’

Egypt’s gays emerged buoyed from the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February. Increasingly visible and willing to speak up, they show how upheavals across the Arab world could prove to be social and cultural revolutions, albeit with uncertain outcomes. Could Egyptian gays emerge as the pioneers of social liberalization in a region where […]

An Easter message – gays and women in the Church – how wrong can the Church be?

The lectionary appoints 1 Corinthians 15 to be read at Evening Prayer in Easter Week. In verses 5 to 8 Paul describes the tradition about the resurrection which he had received, that Jesus appeared to Cephas and afterwards to the twelve, then to over five hundred of the brothers at once, then to James and […]