Retired Archbishop George Carey admits it’s “gay marriage”

Archbishop George Carey

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey was interviewed on the Today programme this morning. He’s upset by what he sees as the gradual marginalisation of the Christian Church in the UK. He thinks the right to practice Christianity is under attack. He’s written about this, he told Ewan Davis three times, in the book […]

The Church of England’s dramatic disconnect

tree 400w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />The George Careys, Michael Scott-Joynts and Andrea Minichiello Williams (recently elected to General Synod, Director of the “Christian Legal Centre”) of the Church of England think that Anglicans (their type of CofE Anglican, of course) are now a persecuted minority that need protected legal status. To me that sounds […]

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Ugandan Primate Henry Orombi provide oversight in the Episcopal Church

At the end of August, two leading figures in the Anglican Church gave practical support to the small minority of conservative parishes in America who are opposed to their Church’s decision to the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson. Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Ugandan Primate, Archbishop Henry Orombi, have agreed to […]

Retiring Archbishop says conflict over homosexuality a threat to the stability of the Communion,

In interviews with journalists on his recent visit to Toronto, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey said the conflict over homosexuality was threatening to destabilise world Christianity. Dr Carey repeated a recent warning to the Anglican Church that liberal dioceses could cause schism and that deviation from the Lambeth resolution would have major […]

Dr George Carey lectures in Pennsylvania

The Church Times The Archbishop of Canterbury was reportedly given a rapturous reception in the United States, when he spelled out his views on sexuality at the 25th-anniversary celebrations of Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry, in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. In a lecture given on Friday 3 May 2002 to more than 300 seminarians, faculty, alumni, friends […]