There are no secrets – on trying not to stare into the darkness

sign in darkness×51.jpg 75w” sizes=”(max-width: 188px) 100vw, 188px” /> ‘There are no secrets’ is the title of director Peter Brook’s 1993 ‘Thoughts on Acting and Theatre’ which I was reading on the way to this year’s Greenbelt Festival. The phrase is likely to remind members of the Church of England of the Collect for Purity, ‘Almighty God, […]

Emergent Christianity

Phyllis Tickle at Greenbelt Last Friday’s Church Times carried an extensive report of the Greenbelt Festival. The talk by Phyllis Tickle interested me. She is a sociologist of religion from the United States who has chronicled the rise of “Emergence Christianity”. Every 500 years, she said, a “great upheaval” occurs. The last was the Great […]

Anglican Mainstream, Greenbelt, OuterSpace and next – Spring Harvest

The Anglican Mainstream website has posted four reports connected with this year’s Greenbelt Festival. The first is a letter to the Church of England Newspaper from Andrew Presland, General Synod member for the Diocese of Peterborough. He complains that the Greenbelt tradition of only including speakers who seek to explain away the traditional Biblical teaching […]

Greenbelt 2009: In the long now

Greenbelt’s theme this year is ‘In the long now’. It relates to a legend about the 14th century founders of New College Oxford: They built the dining hall with a series of huge oak beams. 500 years later when the beams needed replacing they sought to find out if there were any oak trees on […]

Greenbelt 2009: On being unremarkable

Day two of Greenbelt, and we’ve just run a seminar led by Jeff Heskins about the issues surrounding same-sex couples seeking civil partnership blessings in church. As many will already know, Jeff has written a book about his experiences developing a liturgy for same-sex couples at his church in Charlton, South-East London, which you can […]

Greenbelt 2009: First post

Well good evening, This will be the first of several posts from the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham.  Several of us at Changing Attitude will be blogging the latest goings on over the weekend, assuming the combination of camping, rain, mud and laptops does not cause IT meltdown. On top of my involvement in Changing Attitude, […]

LGBT Voices at Greenbelt

As one of the organisers of OuterSpace, one of the organisations which is providing LGBT content at Greenbelt this year, I’m a bit baffled as to why Lisa Nolland is so incensed by the fact that Greenbelt permits our involvement in the festival. I’m also an evangelical, and core to my faith is the belief […]

Why does Anglican Mainstream continue to attack Greenbelt?

Why does Anglican Mainstream think it has the right to attack Greenbelt and accuse it of being one-sided and post-orthodox Christian? It’s because Anglican Mainstream and allies think that they alone are orthodox and hold the true faith. Anglican Mainstream’s self-identity is arrogant and abusive. They are right and any group which welcomes LGBT people […]

Lies and poison from Anglican Mainstream

Lisa Severine Nolland has written a second article for Anglican Mainstream about the ‘gayification’ of Greenbelt. Lisa returns to this ‘dreary’ topic, as she calls it, because Greenbelt hasn’t replied to her phone and email messages expressing concern about the presence of Bishop Gene Robinson, Paula Gooder, Robert Beckford, Giles Fraser and Dave Tomlinson, Journey […]