The Gospels of Conditional and Unconditional Love

I stayed in Cambridge last week with a gay priest friend who recommended Jeremy Young’s book The Cost of Certainty: How religious conviction betrays the human psyche (2004, DLT, ISBN 0232525803). My copy arrived yesterday and reading the first four pages has given me material for a timely blog. Young expresses succinctly the Gospel as […]

Is Justin Welby’s evangelical faith ready to transform the Church and the experience of LGB&T Christians?

I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the all-glorious Father, may confer on you the spiritual gifts of wisdom and vision, with the knowledge of him that they bring. I pray that your inward eyes may be enlightened, so that you may know what is the hope to which he calls you, […]

The Phenomenon of Man and the eruption of equal marriage

I’m reading Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man at the moment. I’ve been meaning to read it for over 40 years and have finally got around to it! He wrote the book in 1947 but it was published posthumously after his death in 1955. Rome refused to allow him to publish. In the […]

Not in our names

Joanna Moorhead, deputy editor of the Catholic Herald from 1988-1992 writes in today’s Guardian. The online version is headlined “The crimes of the Catholic church: not in our names.” In the course of the article she says: The last thing anyone would ask a bishop or cardinal about right now is prayer, or Christian witness, […]

The fantasies and dangers of all ex-gay, ‘we can heal you’ ministries

Anglican Mainstream, Christian Concern and Core Issues Trust are promoting a debate tomorrow morning in the Houses of Parliament on the legitimacy and freedom to offer therapy for those with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. They are promoting a false therapy based on the discredited theories of psychologist Irving Bieber from the 1960s, taken up […]

New Year’s Eve 2012 and dreams for 2013

I decided it would be a good idea to use the post-Christmas Day period to reflect on the year that’s ending and look ahead to what 2013 may bring and what Changing Attitude might like to bring to 2013. I have ideas that seem obvious when I rehearse them walking across Salisbury Plain but much […]

The Sacred Journey of Transformation

Changing Attitude is campaigning for a change of attitude in the Church of England towards the place of LGB&T people. We are campaigning for a transformation of attitudes, way beyond grudging acceptance to a celebration of the gifts of all, LGB&T people integrated with the whole body of Christ, women and men, equal in ministry […]

Words to the unapologetically but deeply spiritual uncertain

I’ve been reading Unapologetic: Why, despite everything, Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense. The author, Francis Spufford, is an Anglican, and the experience of faith he describes is just the way it has felt, intuitively, to me since my mid-teens. The book is a defence of Christian emotions, of their intelligibility and their grown-up dignity […]

First LGBTI clinic opens in Uganda’s capital, Kampala

Activists pictured during the service before Kampala's first LGBTI specific clinic was launched

Gay rights activists in Uganda have opened up Uganda’s first ever LGBTI clinic which will specifically focus on homosexuals HIV/Aids and Sexually Transmitted Infections and general welfare. The clinic will run under the auspices of gay lobby group, Ice Breakers Uganda. It was opened on Sunday in Kampala among jubilations and renewed hope among the […]

Uganda Human Rights Commission report urges right to health for all

The Uganda Human Rights Commission Chair, Medi Kaggwa

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has presented its annual report on the situation of human rights in the country to Parliament urging the right to health for all Ugandans, without discrimination. The report, presented on Monday to Parliament, also contains text from Uganda’s Universal Periodic Review (a mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights […]