Reflections on the Archbishops’ Letter to the Anglican Primates & the Presidents of Nigeria & Uganda

The wording of the headline is awkward: ‘Archbishops recall commitment to pastoral care and friendship for all, regardless of sexual orientation.’ My first impression was that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York were ‘recalling’, i.e. withdrawing, Monday evening’s Statement by the Church of England College of Bishops, following its reflections on the Pilling Report […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed – No 11: I may sound homophobic but …

Part 3 of the Pilling Report is intended as a reflection on ‘the evidence’ adduced in Part 2, and the third section is Countering prejudice and homophobia In paragraph 320 it refers to homophobia as a ‘vexed’ term, hinting, I think, at its alleged use to silence those who disagree with LGB&T equality. As I […]

Ploughing through the Pilling Report – No 6: Statistics and the Church’s homophobia

I’m continuing to plough – slowly – through the Pilling Report, and pick up here at the second section of Part 2, ‘Summarizing the Evidence’, which is entitled Sexuality and social trends It begins with the incidence of homosexuality in the UK. If I were researching this topic I think I would probably start with […]

Sussex member of C OF E General Synod Advocates prison for gays

PRESS RELEASE BY CHANGING ATTITUDE SUSSEX One of the Sussex Diocese of Chichester representatives on the Church of England General Synod, Andrea Minichiello Williams, recently attended a conference in Jamaica to urge the Government to keep the law which criminalises homosexuality.  She spoke in derogatory terms about gay people, and peddled the old vicious lie […]

Changing Attitude supporters respond to the Pilling Report

Changing Attitude supporters were invited to react to the Pilling Report soon after it was published. We are really grateful to everyone who responded, some at length and with great care, others with disappointment, frustration and despair. I’m going to post the comments over the next three or four days. Reading the report a second […]

Anglican Mainstream’s homophobia

Anglican Mainstream has issued a statement criticizing the Church of England for working with Stonewall to target homophobic bullying in Church Schools. The statement is a prime example of the homophobia that is institutionally present in the Church of England. Homophobia is personal or institutional prejudice against lesbian, gay and bisexual people rooted in a […]


Colin Coward had a letter published in last Friday’s Church of England Newspaper in response to an earlier letter from Andrew Symes, the new Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream. Andrew provided the opportunity for Changing Attitude to state clearly that any doctrine or teaching of the Church which allows or encourages prejudiced (let alone abusive, violent […]

How will Changing Attitude judge the Pilling Report?

Yes, I know, until it is published and we know what it actually says, we can’t make a judgement on the Pilling Report’s content and recommendations. But we are already being told from numerous sources that its recommendation will be for very modest change and it will (deliberately) be written to satisfy neither ‘side’ If […]

Changing language

Kate Smith, a Changing Attitude trustee and the person responsible for the transformation of our web site three years ago, has a letter published in this week’s Church of England Newspaper. Sir, When in Emma, Jane Austen described academies where young women were sent to be ‘screwed out of health and into vanity’ she little […]

Archbishop of Canterbury says homophobia has to be eradicated from the Church

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke at the opening of the new headquarters of the Evangelical Alliance yesterday. The Telegraph and Guardian reported his extensive remarks about same-sex marriage and the way gay and lesbian people have been treated. The Evangelical Alliance didn’t include them in its own report. The Archbishop knows this is […]