Bearing gifts: trans people’s giftedness

We come, bearing gifts

Trans people are not a problem for society or the churches – they are a gift. It is society, when its laws lag behind current knowledge, and the Christian church, when it prefers to judge rather than to love, that is the problem. In many traditional cultures, trans people were often the priests and shamans, […]

Let’s focus on gender identity for a change

Dr Jens Scherpe

‘The eyes of the world were on Hong Kong; now Hong Kong has its eyes on the world.’ Principal Investigator and Organiser Dr Jens Scherpe used this pithy phrase to summarise the background to the two day conference – The Legal Status of Transsexual and Transgender Persons – which took place at the Centre for […]

Witnessing to the truth of trans people’s lives

Dr Sam WInter

I’m here in Hong Kong to present at this two day conference on the legal status of transgender and transsexual people which starts tomorrow. Earlier in the week we had thunder and lightning and it has rained heavily the few days I’ve been here. With this stormy weather in mind perhaps, the Hong Kong […]