The Bishop of Leicester speaks passionately in a Lords’ debate about the “Treatment of Homosexual Men and Women in the Developing World”

The Rt Revd Timothy Stevens, Bishop of Leicester, speaking in the House of Lords

The House of Lords held a debate on Thursday 25 October on a question posed by Lord Lexden. He asked  Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the treatment of homosexual men and women in the developing world. Changing Attitude’s interest in the debate is twofold. Firstly, members of our groups in Nigeria […]

Suicides among transgenders in India under-reported

India transgender 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 191px) 100vw, 191px” />Suicides in the transgender community often go under-reported due to their gender, say LGBT activists and social workers. Those who have undergone sex-change operations are registered under a third gender by police, but those who haven’t are generally classified as male suicides, they said. Transgender activist Priya Babu has […]

Indian city to get first clinic for gender reassignment

Next month, Andheri will get its first Gender Reassignment Clinic at Kolkilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. The clinic will cater to those who suffer from dysphoria – a gender identity disorder. Such patients face a conflict between their actual gender and the gender they identify with — and want to undergo sex reassignment surgery. In June, Kokilaben […]

Indian psychiatrist Dr. Gurvinder Kalra on Coming Out post-377

Dr Gurvinder Kalra

Dr Gurvinder Kalra is from the Department of Psychiatry, Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and Sion General Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Kalra provides guidance to psychiatrists who are encountering clients from the LGBT community in the wake of Delhi High Court’s 377 decision decriminalizing consensual same-sex behavior among adults. In the 1st quarter, 2012 issue of Indian […]

Transgenders face housing and job discrimination in Chennai, India

While some transgenders have managed to make it against all odds, most continue to face discrimination and stigma when it comes to getting jobs or houses for rent. “Livelihood opportunities for transgenders needs a serious debate,” says Magdelene Jeyaratham, Director, Centre of Counselling. Citing the recent example of the Karnataka High Court appointing a transgender […]

Indian transgenders make a mark in self help groups

The alternative income provided by SHGs prevents transgenders from begging or taking to commercial sex. Photo: R. Shivaji Rao

Integrating into society at large and finding a job continues to be a challenge for transgenders in the city, but they have not given up. Instead, they have begun finding self-sustaining, innovative ways of earning a livelihood. Transgenders in the city have been working in self-help groups with the hope of making some money and […]

An ongoing battle against discrimination in India for transgender people

Participants share success stories, reflect on struggles at Transgender Day celebrations The glow on their faces, in some cases, the result of make-up, and in others, pure excitement, as they wait their turn to marry the Lord Koothandavar and re-enact an ancient myth, and the subsequent wailing as they mourn his death by breaking bangles […]

Non-hijra transgender people struggle for identity in India

Hijra isn’t the only transgender identity. There are others, such as female-to-male transgenders, who don’t draw attention to themselves, and struggle to find recognition as anything but a ‘deviant’ community, writes Gee Ameena Suleiman. There are several transgender identities that exist in South India. There are the female to male transgender identities of Thirunambigal in […]

Trans people in India


Face Book, as Colin has noted, has been a great resource for LGBT people in Africa – and just recently the Trustees of Changing Attitude have begun to realise its potential. I’m grateful to Face Book for this link relating to Trans people, posted by my friend Cameron Partridge, of TransEpsicopal, about the work of […]