More rejoicing in Heaven: An Interview with Rev’d Steve Chalke

Keith Sharpe, Changing Attitude trustee and convenor of CA Sussex, has interviewed Steve Chalke The Rev’d Steve Chalke is a high profile evangelical Christian leader.  From his extremely successful and well attended church in central London he manages the Oasis organisation, a multi million pound charitable foundation which amongst other things runs many primary and […]

Systemic abuse – the reality now confronting the Church

I think the major Christian denominations are being let off far too lightly so far in the scrutiny they are being subjected to by the media. I think the Roman Catholic Church is riven systemically with forms of power and control, theologies, traditions, expectations, and institutionalised assumptions about which there is very little self-reflexion. The […]

Not in our names

Joanna Moorhead, deputy editor of the Catholic Herald from 1988-1992 writes in today’s Guardian. The online version is headlined “The crimes of the Catholic church: not in our names.” In the course of the article she says: The last thing anyone would ask a bishop or cardinal about right now is prayer, or Christian witness, […]

All Saints 2012

“Time is too short for me to tell stories of Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets. Through faith they overthrew kingdoms, established justice, saw God’s promises fulfilled. They shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of fire, escaped death by the sword.” Hebrews 11.32b-34a When I read those […]

Episcopal Church Welcomes Transgender People

July 9 was a historic day for the Episcopal Church as it declared that gender identity and gender expression are not reasons for excluding someone from the discernment process for ordination, nor from any other activity or lay position in the Church. At its triennial General Convention in Indianapolis, the church House of Deputies approved […]

Living into a new, healthy, holy paradigm

A brief history … For the first three decades of my life I lived in the Diocese of Southwark. I learnt that many gay priests were present in the Church and even bishops known, discreetly, to be gay (Mervyn Stockwood and later, Michael Marshall). I learnt to pass as straight, fearing the reaction were I […]

Campaigning for a healthy human Christian culture

I’ve had a number of conversations today which have challenged me to think about the objective that is inspiring Changing Attitude’s campaign for the full inclusion of LGB&T people in the Church of England. The conversations have invited me to focus on smaller details of the picture rather than the big picture. I’ve talked about […]