Obama’s gay marriage endorsement not popular in Africa

President Barack Obama’s endorsement for gay marriage has prompted debate in the United States and condemnation in many sub-Saharan African countries, where gay men and women continue to face discrimination, violence and jail time in many countries because of their sexual orientation. The president’s immense popularity on the continent is taking a hit, even in […]

Anti-discrimination bill in Moldova being challenged by Orthodox Church

The Alliance for European Integration (AIE) is attempting to pass an anti-discrimination bill in Moldova, where the Council in the country’s third city, Balti, have adopted an ordinance banning the “propagandising” of homosexuality. But they are up against the objections of a most unexpected alliance – that between the conservative Orthodox Church and the opposition […]

New magazine and hope for gays in Sudan

A new online lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender magazine in Sudan, north Africa, is a first for the country where homosexuality is still punished by death and an opportunity for gay people to start discussing their lives and hopes for the future. Rainbow Sudan  publishes articles discussing topics including being gay in Sudan, the history of […]

Towards a progressive culture in South Africa

In the last few weeks South African representatives have launched an extraordinary human rights offensive at the United Nations, within the context of a growing global debate about the rights of sexual minorities. European, North American and Latin American states are moving increasingly towards guaranteeing full rights — including same-sex marriage — for sexual minorities […]

Meeting with Kenyan Moslems


I have just returned to Nairobi from Mombasa. Internet connections in Mombasa have been slow and fragile, preventing me from posting reports on Thursday and Friday’s events until today. http://changingattitude.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/P1010763-300×180.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 448px) 100vw, 448px” /> On Thursday afternoon Michael Kimindu and I met with three members of the Kenya Moslem National Advisory Council (KEMNAC).  […]

Anti-homosexual protestors hit Sierra Leone streets

Demonstrators in Freetown on 30 January 2011

Freetown was the scene of a big anti-gay rights protest on Friday organised to “ward-off” the possibility of recognising same sex marriages in the country. Close to 1,000 protesters thronged the streets at the east end of Freetown attracting scores of onlookers on the process who cheered them on. The post Friday prayer demonstration was […]

Gay relations illegal in Malaysia

Homosexuality is deemed illegal in Malaysia as it goes against the constitution, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz according to a report in The Malay Mail. Nazri, who is also the de facto Law Minister, said Islam is enshrined in the constitution as the religion of the Federation and […]

LGBT people in Iran losing most basic human rights to a revolution gone wrong

Saghi Ghahraman of the Iranian Queer Organization IRQO writes that the LGBT community in Iran took its first steps towards earning civil rights some 35 years ago, only, with a revolution gone wrong, not the community was stopped from proceeding, but it lost even its most basic human rights. Right after the revolution, execution of Gay […]

East meets West


It was appropriate to include a Muslim perspective in this week’s 4thought.tv series which is asking the question ‘is it wrong to change gender?’  Shame though that last night’s speaker, Pav Akhtar, is not Trans himself, like the other people in the series. Pav is a courageous man – he and Lord Ali are reputed […]